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Top 8 reasons why a realistic male sex doll is the perfect companion – You won’t believe #3

Most likely you have wondered how it would be like to have sex with a realistic male sex doll, and if it would be ok to purchase one. We are going to say that having sex with male lifelike sex dolls is really good and that you are fortunate because there are some superb male sex dolls to choose from.

You can even choose their eye color, hair color, penis size, and a lot of other options are available when you purchase one of these amazing dolls. But, asides from that, we want to make sure that you fully understand what it means to have a life like male sex doll in your house, and why it’s recommended if you truly want a perfect companion to spice up your sex life.

#1 You can fully customize your male sex doll

And by that we mean asides from the above mentioned options, the penis size as well. Most male sex dolls come with the option to choose between a 17 cm and a 24 cm penis, and to also choose the girth.


This means that you can be filled with joy by a penis size that is perfect for you, and that will always be hard and ready to go, whenever you feel like it. And this brings us to another reason why this type of doll is the perfect companion:

#2 Lifelike male sex dolls will never say no

It is an obvious thing, but we have to state its simplicity and truthfulness. Think about it: this doll will not only look the way you want it, feel the way you want, but it will not have the bad habits that men have.

He will never leave your side to work on the car or bike, or hang out with the boys out in town. He will always be there for you, whenever you want him to be, however you want him to be, and he will always be ready to fully satisfy your needs.

#3 Sex with lifelike male sex dolls is amazing!

What do women have to say about having sex with life like male sex dolls? Only words of praise! In an interview on Vice adult film star Jessica Ryan, who owns  a male sex doll says about the sex that “It feels…absolutely indistinguishable from a real person,” she pants to the camera, “except that I’m completely in control.” (link to original source here )

brad realistic male sex doll
A lookalike of a young Brad Pitt, coming soon on Click on photo to see more details. Keep in mind that this is a fully customizable sex doll


Why did she choose a male sex doll?

In the documentary she filmed about male sex dolls she says “It’s so much easier than a Tinder date!” as she giggles to the camera.

Here is a documentary about the company Synthetics when making their “world’s first male sex doll”:

Be warned though: their base models start at $13,500 USD and if you want a customizable model you have to pay…well…the price starts at $25,000 USD – astounding amount of money right? The good thing is that you can buy your very own male sex doll on our site starting at around $1,500 USD.


So why the difference in price? Is there a difference in quality?

No, there is not actually. The materials that are used in our male sex dolls are the same the skeleton is fully articulated;  the difference is that we have the manufacturing company in China as opposed to Synthetics who claim that their manufacturing facility is in the US. So you would only pay because of the “location” where the doll was built.

Another thing that differentiates their dolls from ours is that they can add in real facial hair and chest hair. Which is something that you should know, won’t stay on for very long especially after a couple of intense uses.

In conclusion, if you want great sex from a doll bound to last forever if you take care of him, we recommend you have a look at our models – you will get high quality, durability, great sex and all at a very affordable price.

#4 Your realistic male sex doll is a virgin when you unpack him

This is true for all sex dolls. They are virgins when they arrive at your doorstep. Their intimate parts were never used by another human being, so you can pop their cherry. At the same time, you have to know that they are extremely loving and they can cuddle with you and they will always love the same positions as you; and they will never get bored or lose interest in you. They are yours, faithful, and will forever be at your side.

jesse gay male sex doll ready to serve
Jesse is a sweet male sex doll with beautiful Asian features that is ready to serve

#5 A silicone male sex doll or TPE one has a very long life if properly cared for

And they stay forever young! The face you fell in love with will always look the same, and as long as you take good care of them, the lifespan of a sex doll can be indefinite. The only problem would be you getting tired of them. But, you can store them in your closet and take them out when you want – they won’t mind.

The quality of the silicone used in male sex dolls is extremely high, and it’s sculpted to perfection by skilled craftsmen. The casting process is a very rigorous one and it ensures a long live and quite a bit of abuse. The only downside of silicone is that it feels kind of rubbery. This is why TPE is highly sought after in male sex dolls today – and TPE costs less to produce than silicone so the price for a lifelike male sex doll from TPE will be slightly lower than the price of a silicone one.

TPE is a hypoallergenic type of silicone, and only medical grade one is used in the sex dolls you see on our site. The advantages of a silicone male sex doll are only surpassed by the advantages TPE brings to the table. TPE is hypoallergenic, feels like human skin to the touch, it is more stretch resistant and has a longer life than silicone (which over time loses some of its oils and becomes rigid).

#6 A realistic Male Sex Doll is able to perform in all imaginable positions

Today’s lifelike male sex dolls come with a fully articulated skeleton. This means that the doll will be able to stay in all humanly possible sexual positions and this with ease. The metal skeleton is a sturdy one, and it will not become flimsy or squeaky after a couple of uses. In fact, the metallic skeletons you find in these realistic male sex dolls is lightweight but strong – so you will not have to work extra hard to make the doll stay in a position.

Speaking of positions, you have to know that the body of the sex doll is extremely similar to the human body, so, no matter what position you want him to take he will look extremely real and lifelike. Thanks to today’s developments in technology and the talented craftsmen working on these dolls, they are truly looking like they are alive. Long gone are the days of inflatable dolls and ugly mugs printed on plastic. Welcome to the realities of the 21st century – where soon we will have lifelike male sex dolls with artificial intelligence capable of walking on their own, learning and pleasing you – just like in Westworld – but without all the drama!

#7 Male sex dolls are still relatively cheap

The male sex dolls for sale you find on our site are high quality, but the prices for them are still extremely affordable when compared to the prices of the other female sex dolls available on this site. For example, you can buy Mike at only $2358 USD. And he is a beautiful sex doll looking forward to catering to each and every one of your desires.

We have the best models on the market, all made from medical grade TPE or silicone, that are sturdy and lightweight, have fully articulated metal skeletons and come with tons of customization options available. The prices you will find here are extremely low when compared to the prices of other manufacturers (especially US based ones), but the quality is high and the pleasure that these dolls provide is the ultimate.

Browse through our exclusive collection of male sex dolls and find the one that you like. Keep in mind that for most models the following customization options are available:

  • Hair color
  • Wig style
  • Eye color
  • Penis size
  • Height
  • Standing/non-standing

At the same time keep in mind that when you customize your realistic male sex doll you truly make it your own, and we encourage you to do so. There is nothing better than getting a doll made specifically for you, for your needs and desires.

#8 Our realistic male sex dolls come with free worldwide discreet shipping

When you order from us, you need to know that we ship through courier delivery services, and that the packaging is plain. There are no markings on the box, and we offer full discretion. You will receive a tracking number once your order was processed and your doll was produced (each doll is produced individually to your specifications and desires). This way you will know at all times when the doll will arrive and where it is in transit.

Browse through our collection of realistic male sex doll models and choose the one that you like best, order it in full confidence knowing that we respect your privacy, we deliver fast, and we will customize the dolls to your liking.

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