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Top 5 Things To Know About Customizable Sex Dolls in 2019

If you want to purchase customizable sex dolls then there are some things that you need to know. In this article we will tell you some truths that you might not know – and that all sites that sell sex dolls do not want you to know.

Truth #1: The photos are not 100% right

When you order a doll, you look at the photos and you tell yourself “wow, this looks so good!” and that is a general statement that is true for all the various types of dolls on the market. So, how are the photos NOT 100% right?

Well, you need to understand that when photos are taken, the dolls are prepped for the photo shoot just like any other human model: make-up, clothes, lightning, professional cameras, it’s all there.

So, what does that mean? That the sex doll you will receive is going to look like a woman without make-up when it arrives. The differences are not major, but you need to understand that the doll will not look 100% like in the photos.

Take a look at famous people with and without make-up and you will immediately understand what we are saying.

THE GOOD PART ABOUT THIS is that once you order customizable sex dolls you ensure that the product you receive is exactly as you want it. Do you want her to have standing feet? No problem! Do you want her to have blue or green eyes? It’s done! Do you want her to have another hair color? We can do that. The amount of customization in customizable sex dolls ensures that you will get a product that is UNIQUE AND DESIGNED PER YOUR NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS!

Arisa Realistic Elf Anime Sex Doll

Truth #2: Dolls come without their head screwed on

Yes, if it’s the first time you order a customizable doll, do not be shocked to find the head unscrewed and carefully wrapped to protect it from damage during transportation.

In fact, most dolls that are a 1:1 copy of a human have interchangeable heads. Why is this? To allow the doll to be safely stored in an upright position in your closet, to make cleaning a lot easier, and to give the doll more support. Also, as already stated, during transport it ensures there is little damage to the doll.

Now, you might think that “ok, so I want this doll body with this head”. That is possible to have! In fact, the amount of customization is astounding! You can truly get a doll suited for your needs if you order one of our customizable sex dolls – and this, at a very good price!

customizable sex dolls packaging


Truth #3: The inside of the vagina is almost the same

No matter where you order your customizable sex dolls from, the actual vagina will not differ in width; it will only differ in depth. The inside of the vagina in all customizable sex dolls – and almost all other dolls on the market, is more or less the same, no matter what manufacturer you order from. Why is this?

To give you a great amount of pleasure, of course! Understand that when you order customizable sex dolls, you order the top of the line in sexual pleasure. The standard vagina of a doll is designed specifically to offer you just that so, the general premise is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” for all manufacturers. Long gone are the days where the vagina would only mean a hole inside the body of the doll. After years of research and development, the perfect inside for customizable sex dolls’ vagina was found and it’s been used ever since.  And that is, yes, you guessed it, a replica of human vagina and anal cavity.

customizable sex dolls vagina

“But, vaginas all look different in the photos” you say. This is true. The outer part of the vagina, the clitoris shaft, the labia of the sex dolls, its color and even its outer size differs from one doll to the other. However, just like with a real life vagina, only the exterior differs. The interior is pretty much standard for all women. The same grooves and ridges are there no matter the woman. The outside is what gives a woman her uniqueness. And the same applies for customizable sex dolls.

The good thing is that the vagina of a sex doll will always feel better than a woman’s. This because the silicone or silicone TPE used to make the doll flesh are highly stretch resistant. And they have the amazing ability to always come back to the original shape. So, when you are inside a sex doll vagina you will always feel nice and tight, no matter how long you are inside, and no matter of your length and girth!


Truth #4: It takes more time to deliver customizable sex dolls

While there is some standard customization options that can be offered for each and every sex doll aka the body shape and head shape, when you place your order a doll is built specifically for you based on your specifications. Does this mean you can choose bigger breasts with smaller nipples or thicker legs? Not really. The body and head shape and sizes are going to be the same, as designing a completely new template is a long process and takes quite a bit of trial and error. Additionally, the doll would be so much different from what you saw in the photos that you might not like it.

Nevertheless, when we build customizable sex dolls for our clients, we make them from scratch! This means that the skeleton is assembled, the mold is poured, and the artists carefully craft the pretty face you see in the photos. This is why each and every one of our customizable sex dolls is unique, and there can be minor differences between them, and this is how you get to have your very own personalized doll, and you know your doll:

  • Was built just for you
  • It’s unique and nobody else will have one like yours
  • It’s a virgin waiting for you to pluck her flower


Doing all of the above takes a bit more time, as you can image, and this is why, from the moment you placed and order and until the doll arrives at your doorstep, it takes up to 21 working days – depending on a number of factors, including the amount of customization and orders that we need to fulfill. But, once the doll arrives, you will know that you will have a unique doll, that was made 100% for you, based on your needs and demands.

Truth #5: The more you customize the more it will be yours but won’t look like in the photos

As with a real human, customizable sex dolls can be extremely different from the photos, if you change their eye color, their skin color, their hair color, and so on and so forth. This is the beauty of getting a doll only for yourself.

Still, the more you customize your doll, the more it will differ from the doll in the photos. What we noticed is that the following things make the biggest impact on how a doll looks:

  • changing the skin color – especially from photo/white to brown/black
  • changing the hair color eg from black to blonde or white or red
  • changing the eye color


Arisa Realistic Anime Sex Doll Customizable Sex Doll

You can make Arisa your own by clicking here!

What you might end up with is Nicki Minaj instead of Pamela Anderson. Or Taylor Swift instead of Shakira. These are things you need to take under consideration when you do extensive customization to your dolls.

Now, a lot of people ask “can I see the doll with my customization options before I order”? The answer is unfortunately “no” as we need to build these customizable sex dolls from scratch. This means that if we build it, we need to make sure you want it, hence the need to firstly place the order. It is extremely difficult to sell a customizable sex doll designed for one individual to another, as you can understand.

Marcelle Customizable Life Like Sex Doll

Make Marcell your own by clicking here!


Which truth about customizable sex dolls did you find the most shocking?

We wanted to make sure that covered the truths that most people do not know about these amazing love dolls, but we would really like to now if you think that we missed something in this article. So, use the comments section to give us feedback on this article, and if you like it, then share it so that the truth is known by everybody.

At the same time, we would love if you would take the time and browse our shop, as we always have promotions and special discounts, and we always work on bringing you the most amazing dolls that money can buy!

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