The Build, Quality, Shipping and Certifications

The Build Process

Once you placed an order, your sex doll will be built for you. This is true for dolls that you choose customization options for, and for dolls that you ordered using the preset customization options. The building process takes between 5 and 10 working days, depending on the amount of customization on your doll.

To ensure that you get the highest quality, the sex dolls in our store are built using the latest technologies and the best materials. All the dolls found in our store share these common characteristics:

  • Are made by experienced sculptors to ensure they look amazing and highly realistic
  • For their flesh, only medical grade silicone or silicone TPE is used
  • Dolls are hypoallergenic
  • All dolls are odorless
  • All dolls are tasteless
  • Metal skeleton is lightweight and has reinforced joints
  • Titanium alloy is used for the metal skeleton of the high end models
  • All dolls are anatomically correct – genitals are highly realistic on the inside and outside


realistic sex doll Anna before shipping


Quality and certifications

sex doll quality certifications

Sex doll manufacturing certifications


The sex dolls found on are all 100% certified as safe for human use. The factories that we work with are chosen only if they have full certifications that ensure that the dolls  they manufacture are of the highest quality and do not have any allergens or are not safe for human use.


Shipping and delivery

Your dolls will be shipped with the utmost discretion as your privacy is important to us. Your doll will be delivered in discreet packaging. There will be no markings on the box to indicate the contents inside, so nobody will knows that in the box there is your sex doll. The label on the box will say mannequin (for customs clearance).

Please keep in mind that depending on your location, the customs agents might open the doll box to inspect its contents.

The dolls will be shipped to your doorstep. If you do not wish to have them shipped at your home and you want to have them picked up at the shipping warehouse nearest to you, please let us know and we will arrange for it.

Shipping will be made with FedEX, DHL, UPS or other shipping companies – depending on your location. All dolls come with FREE International Shipping and are shipped by Air. The shipping takes between 5 and 10 working days depending on your location.

You will be provided with a tracking number to see where your doll is at all times the moment your doll was shipped.