The best sex doll in the world – what you need to know to have one this year

Over the last decade, the sex dolls industry grew fantastically, and now, we can finally say that we can have the best sex doll in the world waiting for us in our bed. Luckily, you do not have to break the bank to have one of the best sex dolls in your bedroom. However, with these being said, you have to understand that if you want a high quality doll, not necessarily the best sex doll on the market, you will have to pay at least $1,000 USD.

So, which are the best sex dolls in the world that you can buy right now?

The types of love dolls you can purchase can be split into three main categories: high end, mid-range and entry level. We will talk about each category, focusing more on what high end sex dolls offer over your standard dolls that you can purchase easily online.

The best high end sex dolls – what do they offer

Asides from a rather big price tag, these are amongst the most realistic looking adult dolls that you can think off. Usually a high end sex doll will have the following characteristics:

  • Hand made to ensure flawless look and realistic feel
  • High quality medical grade silicone bodies
  • Extremely sturdy skeletons
  • High-end electronics and AI

As you might be aware, the best sex dolls in the world right now are the ones that have artificial intelligence, which makes them more human than ever. However there is more to it than having AI.

Most people, when looking to buy the best sex doll on the market, are going for the real feel rather than electronics.  This is why a truly high end sex doll will be handmade, which will ensure extremely realistic features, including life-like breasts and genital organs.  Alongside the attention to details of how the body is made, special attention will be given to the face – eyes lips and mouth will look extremely alive.

Some the Life Like Sex Dolls on


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We need to also put emphasis on the quality of the materials used, meaning the silicone and the skeleton.

High quality silicone found in the best sex dolls in the world is usually medical grade macro molecule silicone treated that is platinum cured, which makes it have a longer life over your standard silicone.

The skeleton found in the best sex dolls in the world is also carefully crafted. The goal is to produce an extremely sturdy skeleton that has extremely strong and long lasting joints and mobility. This is going to allow the sex doll to hold positions and stand on her own for a very long time. A very common problem found in less expensive love dolls is that the joints tend to get loose over time and with prolonged use, they become limp and flimsy.

So, what is the price tag for one of the best sex doll in the world?

Depending on the brand and model, you can expect anything from $4500 to $10,000. The latter price tag usually refers to models with sound that have heated bodies and AI.


Mid-range sex dolls found on the market

While considerably less expensive, meaning a price range between $999 and up to $2,500, you can still have the best sex doll in the world for your needs. In this price range you can find extremely realistic and beautiful sex dolls that are bound to offer you hours and hours of pleasurable experiences.

So, what is the difference, asides from the price tag if you want the best sex doll on the market without breaking the bank? The difference is in the finishes and the life expectancy of the doll. The basics will always be right aka the look and feel BUT not perfect. What does that mean? The silicone will in most cases not have the platinum cure which means that in a couple of years it might leak and lose its shine, the joints will become rather flimsy after prolonged use and that upon close inspection, you will see imperfections in the craftsmanship.

Let us talk about each of the above in length.

The material used will not be the one used in the manufacturing of the best sex doll on the market that money can buy. Does this mean that it will be harmful for you? Not at all. So, what is the difference?

Usually these dolls will be made from either medium grade silicone or TPE meaning thermoplastic elastomer.  What does that mean for you and for your experience with the doll?

As already said, the silicone, not being platinum cured, will age, meaning that it’s going to become dry over time, as it will leak its oils upon regular usage.

If the material is TPE then you need to know that while this is a good and sturdy material, it is not able to fully mimic the feel of real skin as good as high quality silicone. Another difference is the fact that TPE is that it is more porous, which translates in the fact that overtime, it will absorb stains, watermarks, and that the imperfections will begin to be more visible.

The skeleton of a doll that is not meant to be the best sex doll in the world is going to be metal, just like in the high end models. The difference is that the metal will be lighter and thinner. Which is great because the doll will not weigh as much, but this also leaves room for a bit of problems that will appear after 1-2 years of use: bends in the skeleton, lose joints, and a flimsy doll.

In the end the differences between high end and mid-range are:

  • Smaller life for mid range sex dolls (usually 1-2 years vs 3-5 years for high end models)
  • Lower weight for the mid-range dolls
  • Cheaper price
  • Small imperfections in design – which may or may not be visible for the first 6 month to 1 year of use


Entry level dolls

Do not expect to find the best sex doll on the market in this part of the article. The dolls that are considered entry level are usually the ones that are about 3 feet or 100 cm and below. They are basically mini sex dolls that due to their size can be found at a lot cheaper prices, usually under $1,000 USD (price varies from $550 to $1000).

Why can’t you find the best sex doll in the world in an entry level doll?

First of because they are unrealistic – meaning you will have a 3 feet doll with D cup breasts. Of course there are models that have the real proportions but you need to understand is that when compared for a full size doll, these entry level dolls do not have the same feel – ultimately it is all about the feel.

What about the quality of the materials used in entry level dolls?

An entry level doll will not have the same quality of materials used in what you would consider the best sex doll in the world. Usually the materials are the same ones used in the mid-range dolls so they share the same characteristics.

Do not understand that there are not a number of extremely sexy and appealing entry level sex dolls on the market. They will always look extremely seductive in the photos, but, when the package arrives home, you will see that if your fantasy is a full size woman, they can only offer you a tiny woman experience.

What about the feel of entry-level dolls?

The feel is exactly the same as in mid-range dolls. The vagina, ass and mouth will feel the same. The only major difference is in the mouth, where depending on the size of your entry doll, the head might warp during oral.


So, what is the best sex doll in the world?  Our conclusion:

The best sex doll in the world is the one that you have or the one that you can afford. Truth is that right now, Artificial Intelligence  dolls are simply freaky, like the ones with sound. It is unreal. It can ruin the mood.

A well-made entry level or mid-range doll that you like and it’s made out of silicone, might prove the right choice for you, especially if you are not after fancy electronics or AI! Truth is that the best sex doll in the market is the one that appeals to you, one that will not break the bank, and one that you will use with pleasure for the next 1-2 years.

As you can see, we gravitate quite a bit towards the mid-range section – as these are good enough, and let us face it,  3-5 years with the same doll when there are so many choices? That is insane! And considering that for $10k you can buy almost a dozen dolls…you do the math!

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