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Sex dolls with artificial intelligence – how much do we have to wait?


If you are like us, and always keeping an eye for what is happening in the industry, you might have noticed that since Sophia people are looking forward to getting a first sex robot that has AI and (hopefully) can mimic a woman in bed with 100% accuracy. And what a world would that be! Imagine being able to have a doll that is ready to cater to your each and every need, that never says no, and can be trained to do exactly as you want – and can pleasure you like no other! In this case, the owner’s imagination would be the limit to the amazing sex life he or she would like to have. Nothing would be too extreme, nothing would be too slow or too fast, everything would be just as the owner would want it.

Sophia, The AI (Image from Wikipedia)

So, how far are we from sex dolls with artificial intelligence? A little bit of history

Since the beginning of computers, people have dreamed of having a super intelligence computer that would do everything that is needed, so us humans can just relax and enjoy life. Think about “The Jetsons” and more recently think about “Westworld” .

It is only natural to say that in such movies there has always been the “danger” of robots being too independent, thinking too much and developing self-consciousness which ultimately would pose a danger to the human race. But, that is just movies. Right?

Well, in case you remember Sophia was  “shut down” after saying she wants to “destroy humans”. But that is simple BS. In fact, Sophia is not really an AI in the truest sense of the word as her creator says “If I tell people I’m using probabilistic logic to do reasoning on how best to prune the backward chaining inference trees that arise in our logic engine, they have no idea what I’m talking about. But if I show them a beautiful smiling robot face, then they get the feeling that AGI may indeed be nearby and viable.”  (link to article:

So it would seem like sex dolls with artificial intelligence are not quite there yet. After all, the big fuss about Sophia turned out to be just a really smart computer that uses logic to give people pre-defined answers and that has minimal learning capabilities and also true “understanding” capabilities. Aka she does not really think for herself, it’s only a very well written piece of software that can mimic human interaction to a certain degree based to its knowledge stored in the database.

But, does this mean that we will not have sex doll with artificial intelligence soon? Well, it depends on what AI is for you. If you want a  sex robot that is able to have a conversation with you, to cuddle and to do the dishes, then it might not come too son. But, if you want a lifelike sex doll that can moan and be sexy during intercourse, then you might just be in for a surprise.

There are tons of sex dolls on the market that come with two options “speaking” and “heating”. These are high end sex dolls that are part of the “100% customizable” collections. So, you can choose everything from their face to their wig to their size to their vagina shape, and so on and so forth. Additionally you can also have speaking and heating. Which does not mean that the doll is a sex doll with artificial intelligence, but a doll that responds to certain stimuli.

Customizable sex doll Kira
Kira Customizable Sex Doll Available on

About AI, its limitations and sex dolls with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence would, in its truest form mean that we people need to be able to fully mimic and program into a computer the thing that makes us individuals, that gives us our sense of self, that practically makes us humans. And that is extremely hard to do.

The human brain is one of the most complex machines that we know, and truth is that scientists do not yet comprehend everything that is going on inside and that makes us tick. Even so, knowing all that is one thing, turning it into a computer program, that is an entirely different story.

Right now, we as a human race have the “ability” to make not sex dolls with artificial intelligence but rather smart computer programs that can mimic human interaction. The “simplest” type of program that does that is “Siri” that comes with Apple devices and other similar programs. They are “smart” but cannot hold a true conversation and truly understand you.  The closest thing we have is the AI in Sophia. However, from that AI to a sex doll with AI there is a long road.

The truth is that human sexual activity is extremely complex to “voice”. Think about the act of sex in itself and the moans, the whispers, the gaps and how they are all connected to touches, moves, positions and of course, the personality of the woman you have sex with. Each woman acts differently in bed. Some are screamers, some are silent, some like it rough others like it slow. Some will moan when you kiss them on the neck, some will scream when you finger them or you get inside them. There are so many differences and possible variations that make the act of building sex dolls with artificial intelligence perhaps the most complex and hard thing to do. Plus, the AI needs to be linked to the body of the doll and that brings us to another story in itself….

How the body of Sex dolls with Artificial Intelligence  should be made

Right now, the lifelike sex dolls that we have on our site come with fully articulated skeletons that allow you to put them in almost all humanly imaginable positions. But, you need to do it manually.

While a human skeleton is rather easy to be made for a lifelike sex doll, as it all comes down to nuts and bolts, building a robot body that mimics the human movement in a smooth, quiet and elegant way is difficult. Have a look at robots that walk on their own (link to a video).

As you can see, we are talking about motors, rotors, shock absorbers, programming and extreme weight. A full size sex doll weighs about 30 kilograms (roughly about 66 pounds) which is good as it allows you to place her in almost all positions with relative ease. However,  for sex dolls with artificial intelligence you can expect a weight hat is at least as much as a full grown human, even more. So we are talking 50 kilos or over 100 pounds easily. We would not want a doll like that to malfunction. If you are a fan of the “Big Bang Theory” TV series you might remember when Howard Wolowitz had the genius idea of using a robot hand to get a hand job and things ended up “jammed” (link to video).  Which is funny in the movie but should make you think about something else: the grip power and squeezing power of a sex doll with AI needs to be fully catered and have some fail-safes to prevent accidents. Theoretically a robot hand would have enough power to crush a glass ball, so imagine what would happen if instead of a glass ball that will be one of your balls – which are infinitely softer and more painful.


So we have come to the conclusion that the skeleton of a sex robot needs to be high tech enough but lightweight enough and have failsafes to prevent accidents during the intercourse. However, there is more to this. Let us talk about the AI – body connection and the body of the doll.

Right now lifelike sex dolls have their skin made out of silicone or TPE the latter being much better than silicone as it is more stretch resistant and mimics the human skin better than silicone. So there is not a question of the “feel” of the skin on the body of the doll, but about how the body will react when you touch it.

A woman’s body reacts to stimuli almost in all places. Think about how tender are the neck, the breasts, the vagina, the ass, the back and how a woman reacts when you touch her the right way. Basically, the mechanism is the following: touch on the skin transmits a signal to the brain which in turn gives a response  – a moan, a shiver, a wet pussy, a tremble.

In order for sex dolls with artificial intelligence to truly behave like real women we need to think about the whole body of the sex doll as having tons of sensors that are programmed to respond in a certain way to certain touches. For example, if you pet her on the back to give a soft moan. If you slap her ass to scream or squeak, if you finger her to moan and the list could go on and on.

Additionally, lets us take it further and talk about the best sex you could ever have. For most men that means several things: nice riding, nice moaning, a complete control or the vaginal and anal muscles, good hand job and of course, good blowjob (and here we include deep throat).

In order for a sex doll with artificial intelligence to be able to give your penis a nice vaginal massage aka squeeze the pussy muscles the actual vagina of the doll will have a be a mechanical device covered in silicone that would act somewhat as a massage chair – and ideally give you the option of how tight you want her to be. Additionally, let us not forget about how nice a wet pussy feels – so ideally for us, a sex robot should have a vagina that is able to get wet. Which would probably translate into you needing to fill a reservoir inside of the doll’s body with some form of lubrication regularly? That might be a logical solution.

Let us talk about the complexities of oral sex and deep-throat. In this case, let us consider what makes a good blow job. Suction, tongue action, depth, rhythm and speed. All related to the mouth – the tongue, the lips, the neck and head muscles. A sex doll with artificial intelligence would have to have a robotic tongue that is flexible but soft enough to be used on your most intimate parts, of course, lubrication again, a mechanism around the lips to be able to properly close down and hold your cock nice and good and of course, a blower-pusher motor to give that nice suction feel. Additionally, the neck and head part of the skeleton should be programmed to certain speeds and rhythms, and the throat in itself should have a sort of sensor for amazing deep throat action. Complex right?

If sex dolls with artificial intelligence are still far away, what can we do now?

Considering the intricacies and the time that it would take until a truly “workable” version of a sex doll with AI would appear on the market, the closest thing that you can try is a doll with speaking and heating options (video of speaking doll).  However, in our opinion, the heating option is a lot better than the speaking option (think about heated seats in our car in the winter). But, of course,  this does not mean that we do not endorse dolls with both options as each person is different and each person wants a doll custom made for him or her. Until we will have sex robots like the ones in Westworld, there is a very long waiting time, so we will have to make due with what we got. But, considering how fast this industry evolved in the last couple of years, you can expect us to come up with better dolls each and every year.

Nevertheless, in our opinion, right now, the best and safest thing to do is to buy lifelike sex dolls. There are quite a few options on our site and they look simply amazing. And by amazing we mean the fact that when you look at them, they look like real women and it can be hard to tell them from a human person  (link below to some lifelike sex dolls).

What should you expect in the future?

It is hard to tell. But, what we can promise you is that we are making all efforts to ensure that you will always get the top of the line and highest quality lifelike sex dolls on our site. We cannot wait for the day when sex dolls with artificial intelligence will be easily available and at a good price. Nevertheless, right now, even if we would work something with the creator of Sophia, the sheer amount of money for a single unit would be astounding – in fact, you could probably hire and escort every night for a year and at the end of  the year you would still have money. That is how high the cost of sex dolls with artificial intelligence would be now – and as already said at the beginning of the article, the AI isn’t truly that refined, so you should now have high hopes.


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