Tani Small Anime Sex Doll


If you want a cute small anime sex doll, Tani is a great choice. Have a look at her sweet face and killer body! She brings to the table everything you would want. And, asides from the price – which is a steal – she comes with a number of benefits.


Being a little sex doll, she is very lightweight, so she can be used in any position humanly possible. At the same time, she features a fully articulated titanium alloy metal skeleton, that won’t become flimsy over time. And, the best – she is 100% anatomically correct! This doll looks and feels real, and she is also Hypoallergenic!


You can also customize this doll to your liking, so you can truly make her unique and to your liking, easily!


Key features of this small anime sex doll


  • Highly realistic feel – her skin feels real
  • Lightweight – only 20 kilos (44 lbs)
  • 125 cm – 4ft 1in height
  • Fully articulated titanium alloy metal skeleton
  • Made from medical grade TPE silicone
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Oral, anal, vaginal sex
  • Great for Boob jobs, hand jobs and foot jobs
  • Customizable


Customization options available

  • 16 hairstyles FREE
  • 9 hair colors FREE
  • 4 different nipple and areola colors FREE
  • 4 different labia colors FREE
  • 4 different pubic hair styles FREE
  • 4 different eye colors FREE
  • USB heating FREE
  • Standing options (only $50 more)


Added bonuses

  • Free International Shipping
  • Financing options – pay in installments with PayPal Credit



Choose your customization options





Tani is a sweet small anime sex doll that has it all: a great price, a great body, multiple customization options, and added benefits! Fully articulated metal skeleton made from lightweight titanium alloy, medical grade TPE silicone flesh – that mimics human skin to perfection, and a TON of customization options.

There are quite a few anime sex dolls that you find in our store. But, the sweet faced Tani offers great you a fully realistic experience, coming straight from an anime movie! You can have all of your fantasies come to life with her.

Thanks to the fact that she is made from the highest quality TPE and she has a fully articulated skeleton, there is nothing that this small anime sex doll can’t do. Thanks to the fact that she has huge breasts, you can have her give you a boob job, but you can take things even further. Thanks to the fact that TPE is highly stretchable, you will always feel nice and tight when inside this anime sex doll. At the same time, you need to know that she can even take fisting – both anally and vaginally.

When you will be next to Tani you are going to truly enjoy all the benefits of having a sex doll, as she can do everything her larger counterparts do. But, she can do them a lot easier. A full size doll weighs almost two times more than this little darling. Hence, everything you imagine can be done with her incredibly easy, which is a big advantage if you have back problems or don’t have a lot of strength. This is also a great doll for women as well. All mini sex dolls are perfect companions for women thanks to their low weight.



Video Presentation of Tani

Note: Tani model in video has a small tear on her knee – accident during the photo-shoot. Yours will be built from scratch and will be flawless.

Quick specs of this small anime sex doll

  • Material : Medical Grade Silicone TPE
  • Height : 4ft 1in (125cm)
  • Weight : 44lbs (20kg)
  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • 16 hairstyles
  • 9 hair colors
  • 4 different nipple and areola colors
  • 4 different labia colors
  • 4 different pubic hair styles
  • 4 different eye colors
  • USB heating
  • Standing options


Shipping and delivery

Your small anime sex doll will be made based on your specs. This beautiful sex doll will be built once payment was received. The building process takes between 5 and 10 business days depending on your customization options. Shipping will take between 5 and 10 working days too depending on your location.

Shipping will be made via FedEX, DHL, UPS and other shipping companies depending on your location. All shipping will be discreet; your small anime sex doll will be packed in a box filled with polifoam to keep her snug during transport. There will be no markings on the box.  We value your privacy.

We offer free worldwide shipping. However, import laws do not allow sex dolls in the following countries: Islamic countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Africa and Mexico. Dolls that are under 150cm cannot be imported to Australia – please let us know if you want this love doll shipped to Australia and we will make it 150 cm tall for you.

Note: Due to your display settings and the camera settings the colors might slightly differ. The wigs, eye colors and skin color again can differ due to screen or camera settings.  This small anime sex doll model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display. Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures. Photos are informative as well as measurements. Please allow up to 1-3 cm difference between measurements of this sexy anime doll.


Additional information

Eye Color

, , , ,

Wig Option

#1 Long Light Brown, #10 Short Light Blonde, #11 Short Medium Brown, #12 Long Violet w/ Bangs, #13 Platinum Blonde Medium, #14 Platinum Blonde Long, #15 Curly Brown Short, #16 Black Medium w/ Light Curls, #2 Long Light Brown w/ Bangs, #3 Wavy Blonde, #4 Black Long w/ Bangs, #5 Long Brown, #6 Short Brown, #7 Short Black w/ Bangs, #8 Long Black, #9 Long Brown w/ Curls, Random Wig, Same as Photo

Nipple Color

A – Natural, B – Pink, C – Light Red, D – Brown, Same as Photo

Pubic Hair

P0 – No Hair, PA – Small Patch, PB Medium Patch, PC Large Patch, Same as Photo

Labia Color

#1 Natural, #2 Pink, #3 Light Brown, #4 Dark Brown, Same as Photo

Doll Skin Color

Black, Light Tan, Natural White, Same as Photo, Tan


No, Yes


Non Standing, Standing


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