Kure 5 ft 5 in / 165 cm Realistic Asian Sex Doll


Kure, a very beautiful real life Asian sex doll that you fall in love with- she looks great in the photos, she looks even better in person! Her body is curvaceous and sensual, her face is angelic, her eyes are deep and dreamy, hiding secret desires that she can’t wait for you to unlock.

With large breasts, a fully articulated skeleton that let you have her into any position you can imagine, and ANATOMICALLY CORRECT VAGINA AND ANUS, Kure is a delight to have around you, and a true pleasure to have in your bed.

She is hypoallergenic, she is lightweight, she is able to withstand anything you can think of thanks to the fact that she is built to last and give you countless hours of pleasure, night and day, week after week, and year after year! As long as you care for her, she will last you a lifetime!

Kure – Real life asian sex doll key features:

  • Full size Asian sex doll – 165cm/ 5 ft 5 inches tall
  • Large breasts
  • Fully articulated skeleton
  • Hypoallergenic (made from medical grade TPE)
  • Lightweight – only 36 kilos 79.2 lbs
  • Anatomically correct vagina and anus
  • Perfect for oral, anal, vaginal, hand job, boob job, foot job


Kure is a fully customizable sex doll:

  • 4 eye colors to choose from
  • 16 wig options
  • 5 skin colors
  • Standing/ non-standing

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Beautiful and busty, always in the mood, Kure is a breath taking real life Asian sex doll that blows your mind once you set eyes on her. You can immediately see how perfect her face is, how truly realistic it looks. Her delicate nose, her beautiful full red lips, her deep black eyes, her long black hair, everything is sensual and appealing.

Her body is a river with delicious curves that is flawless like a Greek marble statue. The attention to details is unparalleled. Have a close look at her perfectly shaped breasts, big, round and firm. Her nipples have that perfectly delicious burgundy color – that dark red that you expect to see on an Asian woman.

This realistic sex doll is ready to serve you with her mouth, vagina, anus, hands, breasts and feet. She is a fully articulated love doll that will give you everything you ever dreamed of. Have a look at how real her vagina is. The clitoral hood is well defined, her big labia are soft to the touch, her inner labia are perfectly imperfect, and the inside or her vagina is anatomically correct! Her anal cavity as well!

Kure is a Real life Asian sex doll – that looks AND FEELS real!

Kure is 100% anatomically correct. Her breasts feel real. Her vagina and anal cavity are having the same characteristics as flesh and blood, with a few improvements though. These come thanks to the fact that Kure’s skin is not only hypoallergenic (it’s made from Medical Grade TPE) but also extremely flexible. Translated into real world application, this means that Kure is a wonderful lover.

When you have vaginal sex with Kure you will feel just like you are in a real vagina. But, at the same time, unlike a real vagina, Kure will not become loose after a couple of minutes – she will feel nice and tight throughout the act. At the same time, her vagina is extremely flexible. TPE is 5x more flexible than Silicone. It will return to its original shape each and every time. This means that you can even fit your hand inside her vagina without risking rupturing her.

Her anus has the exact same properties. Everybody knows that anal sex is great the first 2-3 minutes when the anus is rather tight, providing a nice ring-like hold. However, after those 2-3 minutes it becomes less and less tight. Kure’s anus will not do that. It will be nice and tight no matter how much you use it. And the added benefit is that her anus will always be clean.

The benefit of having a real life Asian sex doll that is life size, is that it comes with a fully articulated skeleton. Kure is able to move in any imaginable way, having the same flexibility as a gymnast. Which is perfect as you can have her in any position your heart desires. However, you have an articulated skeleton even with mini sex dolls. The added bonus is that Kure has fully articulated hands, so she can easily please you with her hands. She can also please you with her feet if that is something you want – she can do anything you want!


Product Specifications

Height: 5ft5 in/165cm
Weight: 79.2 lbs/36kg
Breast: 34.6in /88cm
Waist: 22.4in/57cm
Hips: 34.6in/88cm
Shoulder Width: 14.5 in. / 37 cm
Arm Length: 23 in. / 58 cm
Hand Length: 6.4 in. / 16 cm
Leg Length: 33.4 in. / 85 cm
Feet Length: 8.3 in. / 21 cm
Vaginal Depth: 7.1 in. / 18 cm
Anal Depth: 6.8 in. / 17 cm
Oral Depth: 5.3 in. / 13 cm
Material: TPE with a fully articulated Metal Skeleton
3 Holes: Vaginal, Anal, Oral


About the build quality of Kure the Real Life Asian Sex Doll

To give Kure the extra realistic feel hypoallergenic medical grade TPE was used to make her flesh. The big advantage of this material is that it feels incredibly like human skin to the touch, it has a very high stretch resistance, it won’t leak and crack over time – like in the case of silicone, which is also more expensive and harder to cast into shape than TPE. This makes Kure an incredibility realistic sex doll. Touching her feels extremely realistic, no matter if we are talking about her face, or about her body or her intimate parts! Even holding hands feels real with this beautiful sex doll.

Another important thing that makes Kure one of the best sex dolls that money can buy is her skeleton. The skeleton of this Asian sex doll is fully articulated – as already mentioned. It is made from extremely lightweight titanium alloy that is extremely durable. Her joints have an innovative design that allows this beautiful lifelike sex doll to have the same flexibility of a real human being – a highly flexible human being, like a gymnast. Kure is hence not only easy to get into any position you can think of but also lighter than you would expect a full size sex doll to be. This makes her perfect for all sorts of activities – and keeps you back nice and healthy as well!


Shipping, packaging and order delivery

Your Kure is built specifically for you. Once we received your order and the payment, it takes between 1-2 weeks to have the doll ready for you, as we are building it according to your specs. You will receive a brand new doll, made specifically for you. Depending on your customization options, the building of the doll can take an additional 5-10 working days – depending on the number of orders in queue. Shipping takes between 7-14 working days. Please allow up to 30 working days from the moment you place your order before it arrives at your doorstep.

We will pack your life like sex doll discreetly, nowhere on the box will it say “sex doll”. We value your privacy. The doll will arrive in an unmarked cardboard box wrapped in plastic (to protect against the elements). The doll itself will be wrapped in a blanked and in polifoam to offer it the best protection during transport.

For shipping we will use DHL, FedEX, DHL or any other shipping company at your discretion – depending on your location.  All shipping is free, worldwide. We cannot, due to import laws ship to the following countries: Islamic countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Africa and Mexico. For Australia we cannot ship dolls under 150cm – please let us know if you want the doll shipped to Australia and we will make it 150cm.


Note: Due to your display settings and the camera settings the colors might slightly differ. The wigs, eye colors and skin color again can differ due to screen or camera settings. This real life Asian sex doll model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display. Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures. Photos are informative as well as measurements. Please allow up to 1-3 cm difference between measurements of this love doll.

Additional information

Eye Color

, , , ,


Non Standing, Standing

Wig Choice

#1, #10, #11, #12, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, Random Wig, Same as photo

Skin Color

Black, Brown, Natural Skin, Same as Photo, Tan Skin, White


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