Mikawa 100cm Sex Doll

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Mikawa is a very beautiful 100cm sex doll that is perfect as a starter sex doll or as a second doll, thanks to her petite frame and fully articulated metal skeleton which makes her extremely flexible and suitable for any position you can imagine.


If you want the best 100cm tpe sex doll that money can buy, have a look at Mikawa’s beautiful face, her perfectly proportionate beautiful body, her exquisite breasts and her delicious looking intimate parts. She’s good enough to eat – and you won’t have enough of her once you try her!


This anime love doll is bound to offer you countless hours of pleasure, turning your hottest, wildest fantasies into a reality easily. The exceptional craftsmanship used in the making of this mini sex doll makes it easy for you to have her as you see fit. Thanks to her build sturdiness, there is almost nothing she cannot do.


Key features:

  • 100cm sex doll / 3 feet 3 inches
  • Anime inspired
  • Made from high quality medical grade and hypoallergenic TPE
  • Fully articulated metal skeleton
  • Lightweight – 13 kilos / 28 pounds
  • Beautiful C cup perfect breasts
  • Vaginal, oral and anal sex
  • Multiple customization options
  • Free International Shipping
  • Buy her now do not pay for 6 months


Choose the customization options for the beautiful 100cm sex doll Mikawa to truly make her yours:



If you want a beautiful mini sex doll, then Mikawa is one of the best options for you. She can do everything and she is a sweetheart. Just look at her!


Being a TPE sex doll that has the best big beautiful breasts you’ll find on a doll her size, she is perfect for giving you the best tit jobs you’ll ever have! But that’s only the beginning! Her little mouth is hungry for your kisses, fingers and everything else you want to put there. And keep in mind that this 100cm sex doll is not only perfect for vaginal sex, but also for anal sex too! So the expression ‘best gifts come in small packages’ is in this case true!


Weighing only 13 kilos (just about 28 pounds) Mikawa is perfect for both women and men who do not want to deal with the weight of a full size silicone sex doll (that weighs more than 3-4 times Mikawa’s weight). This makes this 100cm tpe sex doll perfect for any position you want – standing, doggy, side, on top, on bottom. The fact that she is so lightweight lets you change positions easily and rapidly, so you can truly have a very intense time with her.


The build quality of the 100cm sex doll Mikawa


With all of our sex dolls, we take great care in offering you the best quality at extremely good prices. Mikawa does not make an exception. Great sculptors were used to carefully give her beautiful head the exact look of the most beautiful anime sex doll turned to life. Her body makes no exception!


Have a look at her perfectly looking breasts. They are a beautiful full C cup that you imagine all of the sexiest anime and manga characters have! Her hips, round and sensual complete her beautiful and perky butt that is aching to be penetrated by you.


It is easy to get lost in describing the fine details of Mikawa, as she is one extremely sexy TPE sex doll. You can have a better look and understanding of our fascination for this mini love doll by watching her video presentation. 



This mini sex doll is cast from Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic TPE silicone. So she is not only extremely beautiful but also 100% safe to use – having all certifications!


Advantages of TPE over classic silicone:

  • More stretch resistant
  • Human like feel to the touch
  • Not prone to leaking and hardening over time (like regular silicone)
  • Easy to sculpture – hence dolls are flawless looking


Another thing that makes Mikawa special is the fact that she has a fully articulated metal skeleton made using the latest technology in sex doll manufacturing – having hardened joints and being extremely lightweight. This brings the following advantages

  • Doll can hold any pose for prolonged periods of time
  • Doll is easy to maneuver
  • Doll’s joints are not prone to becoming flimsy over prolonged use
  • Doll has the exact same flexibility as a human – gymnast to be exact


Full Features of 100cm sex doll Mikawa:


Height: 100cm / 3 foot 3 inches

Weight: 13kg  /  28 pounds

Bust: 60cm   /  23 inches

Waist: 42cm / 16 inches

Hips: 60cm / 23 inches

Vagina: 17cm / 6.6 inches

Anus: 16cm /  6.2 inches

Mouth: 14cm / 5.5 inches


Shipping, packaging  and Delivery


This tpe sex doll is fully customizable and will be built according to your specs. Once payment was received the doll automatically enters production and it takes 1-2 weeks to build your very own version of Mikawa, this beautiful 100cm sex doll. Delivery time is between 7-14 working days depending on your location.


This mini sex doll packaging is extremely discreet. The doll is going to arrive at your doorstep in an unmarked cardboard box, the tpe love doll itself being protected by polifoam. You will get the doll discreetly and securely.


The shipping companies we use are FedEx, DHL, UPS (or any other shipping company depending on your location). All shipping is FREE WorldWide! Due to import laws we are unable to ship to the following countries: Africa, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and most Islamic countries. Due to strict laws all dolls under 140 cm cannot be shipped to Australia.


Note: Due to your display settings and the camera settings the colors might slightly differ. The wigs, eye colors and skin color again can differ due to screen or camera settings.  The Mikawa 100cm sex doll model on display has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display. Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures. Photos are informative as well as measurements. Please allow up to 1-3 cm difference between measurements.


Additional information

Eye Color

, , , ,

Wig Option

#1 Long Light Brown, #10 Short Light Blonde, #11 Short Medium Brown, #12 Long Violet w/ Bangs, #13 Platinum Blonde Medium, #14 Platinum Blonde Long, #15 Curly Brown Short, #16 Black Medium w/ Light Curls, #2 Long Light Brown w/ Bangs, #3 Wavy Blonde, #4 Black Long w/ Bangs, #5 Long Brown, #6 Short Brown, #7 Short Black w/ Bangs, #8 Long Black, #9 Long Brown w/ Curls, Random Wig, Same as Photo

Nipple Color

A – Natural, B – Pink, C – Light Red, D – Brown

Labia Color

#1 Natural, #2 Pink, #3 Light Brown, #4 Dark Brown

Pubic Hair

P0 – No Hair, PA – Small Patch, PB Medium Patch, PC Large Patch

Doll Skin Color

Black, Light Tan, Natural White, Tan


Non Standing, Standing


No, Yes

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  1. Liam

    Not the cheapest small sex doll, but for me, it’s well worth the extra money. She looks very good, much more innocent in person. Shipping was fast too. Doll was neatly packed, nothing on the box to say sex doll. Discreetness 100%

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