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Teena is one of our life like sex dolls that comes with a innocent face, that makes you want to do the nasty over and over again. She is a most realistic fuck doll, that has a teen body, and her closed eyes make her so much more appealing as when you penetrate her, she has a pleased look on her cute angelic face. With 3 holes and breasts large enough for a tit job, she is perfect for whatever you have in mind.


Key Features:

  • Medical Grade, Non Allergenic TPE over Metal Skeleton
  • B cup breasts, Soft pussy
  • Teen Body and Innocent face – Soft skin, medium sized breasts petite frame
  • Vaginal Depth 16cm /3″, Oral Depth 12cm / 4.7″, Anal Depth:16cm / 6.3”


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She is the most realistic fuck doll that we have. Her eyes are closed and this enhances the pleasure. Her petite frame makes her great to fuck in any position you want, without breaking a sweat. This is a life like sex doll that was created to be the ULTIMATE TEEN FANTASY DOLL!  

The artists creating Teena really did an amazing job. They created a sweet and innocent face, with full lips and a tiny mouth, a delicate nose and eyes that look amazing  as they always seem quietly pleased. The little piercing in the belly button gives this life size sex doll an even bigger teen appeal, and her build is simply complemented by it.

About build quality of Teena, our life like sex doll

When designed, the goal with Teena was simple: make her the perfect teen fantasy and make her last forever. This is why, asides from the artist’s work, which is spot on, the materials used were chosen with careful consideration.

First of all, in order to give it the most realistic feel, medical grade TPE silicone was used rather than regular silicone. This allowed two things to happen: a longer life, more realistic looking and feeling skin. TPE unlike silicone is 5 times more stretch resistant and has a longer life. There is a lot of debate over silicone and TPE in sex dolls, but let us just tell you: TPE while it is cheaper has a longer life, and the feel is more realistic than silicone – silicone is overpriced and feels like plastic.

We wanted to make sure that Teena will be more than a life like sex doll – she will be able to do all the things like real girls do. This is why the metal skeleton has all the joints of the human body making Teena a very flexible sex doll.


Full features of Teena – Life like Sex Doll

  • Height: 140 cm |4 feet 7 inches
  • Weight:26 kg |32 lbs
  • Full Bust: 66 cm |9”
  • Waist: 4 cm |21″
  • Hips: 74 cm |1″
  • Under Bust:52cm |5″
  • Vaginal Depth: 16 cm |3″
  • Anal Depth: 16 cm |3″
  • Oral Depth:12cm |7″
  • Foot Length:20cm |9″


Shipping information

For all of our products we offer free international shipping. Some countries we are unable to ship to due to import laws: Islamic Countries, Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, India, Malaysia.

UPS, DHL, FedEx are the shipping services we use, the choice being at our discretion.  We might use other shipping companies, depending on your country of residence. Nevertheless, we will always provide you full tracking information so you will always know where your lifelike sex doll is and how long it takes to arrive to you.

Order delivery time

We take 1-2 business days for handling and 7-14 days for shipping (shipping duration depends entirely on the country where we ship). Please note that during handling and shipping time you can contact us at any time with questions. We will send you emails letting you know the status of your order. Once we shipped the lifelike sex doll you will receive tracking information so you will know where the package it at any moment.

Packaging information

We will ship your this most realistic fuck doll in an unmarked cardboard box wrapped in plastic to make sure that the doll is safe from bad weather.  Your discretion is important to us. The box will contain the life like sex doll wrapped well in bubbles or packaging peanuts, so that during transport the doll will be 100% safe. Order now in full confidence as we always over deliver!


3 reviews for Teena – Life like Sex Doll

  1. Dan

    Loved her in photo, love her in my bed. Closed eyes and innocent face make me go wild each and every tine. Good buy

  2. Noel

    Very nice, exactly as pictured. Quality seems great!

  3. Sam

    short delivery what you see is what you get thanks

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