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Superb example of the best that a Japanese anime sex doll has to offer, Kurumu is breathtaking! That beautiful face, with perfect full lips ready to be kissed, a sexy and feline-like body, with huge breasts, long legs, Kurumu has it all!


She looks surreal with curves that are so delicious that you can’t help yourself to touch her. Her breasts are gravity defying, yet they feel amazing to the touch. Her belly is nice and fit, making you tremble as you touch it. Her legs are long and smooth, and they meet together in the sweetest spot you have ever felt!


With multiple FREE customization options, she is a fully customizable anime sex doll that you can change as your heart desires. From wig choice and color, to eye color, to nipple color, to labia color, to heating option, to the special options of built in or removable vagina. Standing feet are extra, adding another $100 to the price of the doll – but it’s well worth it.


Key features of Kurumu, the fully customizable Japanese anime sex doll

  • 158 cm / 5 ‘ 2” – full size sex doll
  • Big, beautiful breasts
  • Long legs
  • Ultra-feel vagina
  • Hypoallergenic – made from medical grade silicone
  • Vagina depth: 17cm / 6.6 inches
  • Anus: 16cm / 6.2 inches
  • Mouth: 14cm / 5.5 inches

Multiple FREE customization options:

  • 16 Wig Styles – FREE
  • 4 Eye color – FREE
  • 4 skin colors – FREE
  • 4 pubic hair styles – FREE
  • 4 areola/nipple color – FREE
  • 4 vagina colors – FRE
  • USB heating – FREE
  • Built in / removable vagina – FREE

Paid customization options:

  • Standing feet


Additional options:


Nude photos in full description +  Video presentation



If you are looking for a Japanese anime sex doll that looks like she comes straight from the movies, it is needless to say that Kurumu is a perfect choice. When she was built, the sculptors looked at photos of Kurumu Kuronoand imagined how she would look like a flesh and blood person. Of course, you can choose to make her hair shorter, but that is a beauty of custom anime dolls.


Having a look at the photos side by side, you can see that there are a few slight differences between what you see as a cartoon and what you see in real life. The breasts are as large – or larger but the hair isn’t styled the same, and the eyes are not freakishly big, but we wanted to have an anime character come to life – so here is our Kurumu!

kurumu inspiration of this japanese anime sex doll

kurumu our japanese anime sex doll



About the build quality of this beautiful Japanese anime sex doll


To truly make the best custom anime dolls you need to have high quality materials. And if you look at your standard anime silicone doll you will see that Kurumu is far superior to anything you’ve seen in this price range. This is thanks to the fact that medical grade, hypoallergenic TPE silicone is used to build this Japanese anime sex doll.

japanese anime sex doll kurumu naked breasts

TPE has many qualities over silicone – asides from the obvious price difference, the latter being more expensive at it costs more and it is more difficult to cast. But a TPE sex doll always has the following advantages:

  • TPE is more stretch resistant than silicone – so your doll can have amazing flexibility
  • TPE mimics human skin to perfection – this anime sex doll feels real
  • TPE has a long life – it won’t leak its oils or crack after prolonged use

Kurumu vagina hentai sex doll kurumu anime sex doll feet kurumu sex doll hand kurumu anime hentai love doll butt kurumu full size anime sex doll breeasts


Of course, the body of this Japanese anime sex doll is amazing, but it needs to be held together by a skeleton. Kurumu comes with a fully articulated metal skeleton, that was built using the latest technologies. This makes the skeleton lightweight and extremely durable. In older models of sex dolls the joints were always a problem. This sex doll comes with reinforced joints. Her joints are perfect to hold any pose for prolonged periods of time. Coupled with the stretch resistance of TPE, Kurumu has the flexibility of a gymnast. And thanks to her light weight it is easy to make her stay in any position you can imagine!


Full specifications of Kurumu Japanese Anime Sex Doll


Height: 158cm / 5’2”

Weight: 31kg

Bust: 80cm   / 31 inches

Waist: 50cm / 19 inches

Hips: 80cm / 31 inches

Vagina: 17cm / 6.6 inches

Anus: 16cm / 6.2 inches

Mouth: 14cm / 5.5 inches


Shipping and Delivery of Kurumu – Japanese Anime Sex Doill


We offer free worldwide shipping!


We ship to all countries – and we offer free shipping, with the exception of the following countries where we are unable to ship sex dolls due to import laws: Islamic countries, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, and Indonesia.


For shipping of your  Kurumu anime sex doll we will use FedEx, DHL, UPS – or any other shipping company at our discretion, depending on your location. Shipping will be discreet. No particular markings on the box and the doll will be safe inside the box as she is covered with polifoam to ensure that she stays safe during transport.


From the moment we received your payment, your custom anime doll Kurumu will enter production. We will cast the doll to your specifications. Depending on the number of orders, manufacturing of the custom anime dolls takes between 7 and 14 days. Shipping takes between 7 and 14 days depending on your location. Please allow up to 28 working days for your doll to arrive.


Note: Due to your display settings and the camera settings the colors might slightly differ. The wigs, eye colors and skin color again can differ due to screen or camera settings.  This Kurumu Japanese anime sex doll model in the photos has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display. Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures. Photos are informative as well as measurements. Please allow up to 1-3 cm difference between measurements.

Additional information

Eye Color

, , , ,

Wig Option

#1 Long Light Brown, #10 Short Light Blonde, #11 Short Medium Brown, #12 Long Violet w/ Bangs, #13 Platinum Blonde Medium, #14 Platinum Blonde Long, #15 Curly Brown Short, #16 Black Medium w/ Light Curls, #2 Long Light Brown w/ Bangs, #3 Wavy Blonde, #4 Black Long w/ Bangs, #5 Long Brown, #6 Short Brown, #7 Short Black w/ Bangs, #8 Long Black, #9 Long Brown w/ Curls, Random Wig, Same as Photo

Doll Skin Color

Black, Light Tan, Natural White, Tan

Labia Color

#1 Natural, #2 Pink, #3 Light Brown, #4 Dark Brown, Same as Photo

Nipple Color

A – Natural, B – Pink, C – Light Red, D – Brown, Same as Photo

Pubic Hair

P0 – No Hair, PA – Small Patch, PB Medium Patch, PC Large Patch, Same as Photo


No, Yes

Vagina Type

Built-In, Removable Vagina


Non Standing, Standing

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    She’s worth it! Photos don not do her justice. And the team here helped me all throughout. Thank you. Great shop, great support, great doll!

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