Kiya 100 cm love doll

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A truly great and lovely 100cm love doll, Kiya was created with an only goal in mind: to make a hentai fantasy become a reality. And she is a really a stunner! Have a look at her beautiful face! Have a look at her sensual body – big breasts, nice rounded hips, sweet butt, all ready for you to caress and kiss – and all this in a 100cm love doll!


Kiya is extremely lightweight, which makes her perfect for long sex sessions, and extremely easy to maneuver into any position you can think of.  And this all due to her size – being an 3 foot sex doll she isn’t expected to weigh a lot, but thanks to her latest model of metal skeleton the weight was reduced even more! She weighs only 13 kilos / 28 pounds!



Key features of this 100cm love doll


  • Real feel sex doll made from hypoallergenic and medical grade TPE
  • Anime inspired look
  • Big beautiful breasts
  • Ready for oral, anal, and vaginal sex
  • Mini hentai sex doll – 3 foot 3 inches / 100 cm
  • Lightweight – 13 kilos / 28 pounds
  • Multiple customization options
  • Financing options
  • Free Worldwide Shipping



Choose your customization options below



If you are looking for a great looking mini hentai doll, Kiya has everything you could ever want! Her body is specifically designed to make hentai characters come to life – hence she is petite, sensual, has a very innocent look but an insatiable appetite which does not let her ever say no to the man in her life.


The quality of this 100cm love doll is exceptional, and even if she is a cheap mini sex doll no expense was spared to make her the most appealing, the most attractive, the most sensual hentai doll you want to have in your bedroom.  So how come a great looking high quality sex doll is sold at this low price?

The Build Quality of the 100cm Love doll Kiya

We can offer you this beautiful 3 foot sex doll at this amazing price because she is made from TPE. This new innovative material, is better than the classic silicone that is used in expensive sex dolls as it has several advantages. First of all, it is easier to cast than silicone. This means that this anime sex doll is easier to cast and that means less time which translates into a more cost efficient production process! Of course, it would not be fair not to mention that silicone is more expensive than TPE. However, you need to know that the TPE used in this sex doll is medical grade and hypoallergenic!


A TPE sex doll has several advantages over a silicone sex doll, and not only cost wise. TPE has the following characteristics:

  • – mimics human skin to perfection – which makes the doll great to the touch
  • – is more flexible than silicone – hence the doll has more flexibility
  • – has a longer life than silicone – it won’t leak its oils over time


At the same time,  Kiya has the latest generation of metal skeletons which gives her extra flexibility. This 100cm love doll is able to hold any position you can imagine for prolonged periods of time.  Another thing that has to be mentioned about the metal skeleton used in the making of this mini hentai doll is the fact that the joints are reinforced. This means that the doll won’t become flimsy over time.


Full specs of the 100cm love doll Kiya


Height: 100cm / 3 foot 3 inches

Weight: 13kg  /  28 pounds

Bust: 60cm   /  23 inches

Waist: 42cm / 16 inches

Hips: 60cm / 23 inches

Vagina: 17cm / 6.6 inches

Anus: 16cm /  6.2 inches

Mouth: 14cm / 5.5 inches


Kiya, the beautiful 100cm love doll is fully customizable!


Do you want her hairstyle or hair color to be different?

Choose one of the 16 additional wig options!

Do you want her nipples lighter or darker?

Choose between four different options for areola color!

Do you want her labia color flesh color, pink, light brown or dark brown?

Choose the labia color that you want your doll to have!

Do you want her to have a little soul patch or a big one?

Choose between four different pubic hair options – free of charge!

Do you want her to have heating function?

You can choose heating function and get it for free!

Do you want a removable vagina?

Choose that option – for free!

Do you want your doll to stand?

You can choose that as well!



Shipping and delivery


We offer FREE worldwide shipping for the best mini sex doll, Kiya. Free shipping anywhere around the globe, except for the following countries where it is impossible to ship due to import laws: Islamic countries, Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, and Indonesia. We will ship your doll using FedEX, DHL, UPS (or other shipping companies depending on your location, at our discretion).

Shipping will be made in the most discreet way as the box will not have any markings on it. You can rest assured that your privacy is respected.  The doll is secured during transport, being wrapped in polifoam.


Once we received your order your custom silicone sex doll will enter production. The casting and manufacturing process takes between 7 and 14 days, depending on your customization options and the number of orders. Shipping takes between 7 and 14 days, depending on your location. From the moment you place your order until your sex doll arrives at your doorstep please allow up to 28 working days.


Note: Due to your display settings and the camera settings the colors might slightly differ. The wigs, eye colors and skin color again can differ due to screen or camera settings.  The Ameka miniature sex doll model on display has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display. Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures. Photos are informative as well as measurements. Please allow up to 1-3 cm difference between measurements.


Additional information

Eye Color

, , , ,

Skin Color

Brown, Natural Skin, Same as Photo, Tan Skin

Wig Option

#1 Long Light Brown, #10 Short Light Blonde, #11 Short Medium Brown, #12 Long Violet w/ Bangs, #13 Platinum Blonde Medium, #14 Platinum Blonde Long, #15 Curly Brown Short, #16 Black Medium w/ Light Curls, #2 Long Light Brown w/ Bangs, #3 Wavy Blonde, #4 Black Long w/ Bangs, #5 Long Brown, #6 Short Brown, #7 Short Black w/ Bangs, #8 Long Black, #9 Long Brown w/ Curls, Random Wig, Same as Photo

Labia Color

#1 Natural, #2 Pink, #3 Light Brown, #4 Dark Brown, Same as Photo

Nipple Color

A – Natural, B – Pink, C – Light Red, D – Brown, Same as Photo

Pubic Hair

P0 – No Hair, PA – Small Patch, PB Medium Patch, PC Large Patch, Same as Photo


No, Yes


Non Standing, Standing

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    Simply great. Very good price too – contact support and ask for discounts. i got her 10% cheaper!

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