Ikari – 5ft2 160cm Anime Silicon Male Sex Doll

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Ikari is a silicon male sex doll that stands at 160 cm / 5 foot 2 inches with sensual and beautiful Asian features that make him the perfect boy toy. Well hung – with a 21 cm penis ( 8.3” penis) he is sure to please anybody. He is also ready for oral and anal too, so if you need that extra, Ikari is going to be able to provide.

With a slim and muscular body Ikari has beautiful, some might say even metrosexual features, but this gives him his appeal. This makes him perfect for men, women and couples, as he is able to cater to every need you have, and this with ease, sensitivity and naturalness.

Ikari – Silicon Male Sex Doll key features:

  • 5 ft 2 in / 160 cm full size silicone male doll
  • 5cm (8.3” x2.16” )penis size – more available
  • Customizable sex doll: pick skin color, eye color, penis size
  • Ready for anal, oral and normal sex
  • 33 kg / 72 lbs. weight

Free international shipping

Deliver takes up 3-4 weeks (normally about 2 weeks – depending on the customization you choose on the doll)



This silicon male sex doll is perfect as there are multiple customization options available too. As far as customizable sex dolls go, you can choose his skin color, his hair color and hairstyle, but also his penis size. All to make sure that you have a perfect play partner that is custom made for your needs.

He is a perfect silicone male sex doll for love, cuddling, companionship, as Ikari is extremely easy on the eyes, and easy to put in any position. Even if he has a metal skeleton, he is lightweight, which makes him perfect for both women and men alike. This customizable male sex doll is extremely well built, which means that as long as you take proper care of him, he will have an extremely long life as you can see from the complete build quality description below.


About the build quality of Ikari the customizable silicon male sex doll

The build quality of Ikari is extremely high, as only the best materials were used to make him feel and move like a real male instead of just a silicon male sex doll. Extreme care was taken by the sculptors to give him a dreamy body, muscular but slim at the same time. Special attention was given to the facial features too. While he has the manly square-ish jaw line, his mouth is sensual, his nose is long and fine, and his eyes are extremely deep.

To make the above look as real as possible, high quality and medical grade TPE silicone was used. This ensures that this silicon male sex doll is hypoallergenic, has a long life, and feels real to the touch. TPE is an “improved” type of silicone. It lacks the rubbery feeling – and it feels more like real skin to the touch, while also being more stretch resistant than regular silicone, which means that this sex doll, as long as you care for it properly, will have a very long life.

Adding to the above that this customizable sex doll has a very sturdy metal skeleton, Ikari is the perfect companion for love, cuddling and companionship. The skeleton of the doll is lightweight, which helps make this silicone male sex doll extremely easy to put in any pose, but at the same time sturdy. Its sturdiness is given by the fact that extreme care was placed on the joints of the sex doll. Doing this ensured that Ikari will be able to hold any pose for a long time without becoming flimsy after a couple of uses. This increases its usability and lifespan greatly, which makes him superior over any other type of silicone male sex doll.


Full Specs of Ikari  the sensual full size silicone male sex doll  

Material:             Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic Silicone TPE material

Body structure:  Metal skeleton and joints, can do any poses

Weight:               33 kg /72 lbs

Height:                 160 cm / 5 ft  2 in.

Penis length:       21 cm / 8.3” – standard; see customization options above for different penis sizes

Anal depth:         17 cm / 6.7”

Mouth depth:     13 cm / 5.1”

Eye color:            Brown, blue or green

Skin color:           Natural, White or Brown skin


Free international Shipping information

We will ship within 1-2 days of payment confirmation via FedEx, UPS or DHL at our discretion to all around the world except for Islamic Countries, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, India, Indonesia where we cannot ship due to import laws.

Delivery time and package information

Please allow for up to 3-4 weeks for your order to arrive since we build your silicone male sex doll from scratch when you place an order with us.

The doll will come in an unmarked, plain cardboard box wrapped in plastic to ensure that the weather won’t damage the doll. The inside of the package is filled with poly-foam to ensure no damage comes to this full size customizable sex doll.

There will be no markings on the outside of the box except for your address. We value your discretion.

Note: Due to your display settings and the camera settings the colors might slightly differ. The wigs, eye colors and skin color again can differ due to screen or camera settings.  Model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display. Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures. Photos are informative as well as measurements. Please allow up to 1-3 cm difference between measurements.

Additional information

Eye Color

, , , ,

Skin Color

Black, Brown, Natural Skin, Same as Photo, Tan Skin, White

Penis Size

21×5.5cm (8.3” x2.16” ), Custom – send us a message

Removable Penis

Yes, No

4 reviews for Ikari – 5ft2 160cm Anime Silicon Male Sex Doll

  1. Charlie

    Very good quality! I apreciate seller’s communication and reacticity! Sent with some little gifts I recommend to buy your doll from this shop, you will not find better for this price

  2. Tonasha

    accurate description,thank you

  3. Cynthia

    Very satisfied with the product. Not too difficult to fidget with.

  4. Natalia

    I love him. He is a very beautiful male sex doll, and he looks just like in the photos. He feels really good to the touch, and he also feels very good inside. I love the quality of the penis, feels extremely nice, definately not the cheap type you buy off a sex store. He arrived in a cardboard box, no markings, as said, right to my garage door. Be warned, that he is somewhat heavier than expected (at least for me as I’m 5.2 and 100lbs). However, this is not a problem once you got him in bed. The fact that he is heavier than you would think (at least for me this if my first male sex doll) I found it’s actually good, as if I want him to take me from behind, he does not budge. I am very happy with him, and I’ve had him for about 2 months now. No problem, I even sometimes take him to the shower. I also got some extra wigs for him, and I feel like I have not only one but several different sex dolls.

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