Clark 5ft 4in 165cm lifelike male sex doll


Clark is named after Clark Kent, as he is a lot more than meets the eye at first glance. A lifelike male sex doll that is extremely beautiful and sensual with his glasses, when he takes off his glasses and office clothes, he is muscular, sensual and extremely sexual. A full size male doll that has extraordinary sex appeal, he is muscular and well hung. Being a fully customizable sex doll you can truly make him your own. Choose not only his skin color and whether or not he can stand or not, but also his wig style and of course penis size – so he can truly be a perfect fit for all of your needs.

If you want a European looking male sex doll, then Clark is truly a great choice, as he’s got it all. Not only beauty but also quality and reliability. He is made from high quality TPE silicone, has a fully articulated metal skeleton which allows him to hold any pose for a long time.

An additional feature that Clark has, is the fact that he comes with USB heating – and this is our gift to you as the USB heating comes free of charge. Of course you can opt out of the USB heating if do not want it – this is a fully customizable male sex doll that we will have built exactly to your specs.  Additionally you get these free gifts too: random wig, comb, genital cleaner, random set of clothes.


Clark– Silicon Male Sex Doll key features:

  • 5 ft 4 in / 165 cm full size lifelike male sex doll
  • 6” (17 cm) or 7.8” (20 cm)  penis – your choice
  • Customizable sex doll: pick skin color, eye color, penis size
  • Ready for anal, oral and normal sex
  • 45 kg / 99 lbs. weight
  • FREE USB Heating

Free international shipping

Deliver takes up 3-4 weeks (normally about 2 weeks – depending on the customization you choose on the doll)



Clark is a very manly yet sensual full size lifelike male sex doll that makes everybody looking at him to fall in love instantly. He was built to please the eyes and the senses, and this was done flawlessly by the talented sculptors that made sure that he is molded into the man that you have in front of you. This customizable sex doll was designed to be your very own Superman that can pleasure you as no man has done before.

He is one of the most sensual male sex dolls you’ll find, and he comes packed with lots of goodies. Being fully customizable, you can choose between three different skin colors, four different eye colors, 2 penis sizes and you also get FREE USB heating. Clark is easy to customize as you see fit, so you can truly make this sex doll your own.

Clark is bi-sexual, so he is equally great for both men and women – or couples. He does not shy away from any type of sex, and with his fully articulated skeleton, his hands can do wonders if you want to put them to work. He can caress, he is great for hugs, great for a movie night, and of course, great for playing in between the sheets.

Do not get fooled by the low price of this sex doll. He is high quality, being built from medical grade TPE – which is allergenic and his skeleton is made from a lightweight titanium alloy. Here are the things you need to know about the built quality of this beautiful ultra realistic life like male sex doll.

The build quality of Clark the beautiful full size male sex doll

Having a look at his perfectly chiseled abs, his big, muscular arms, and his impressive chest, you can see how he was made to be the lover that you dreamt about. His skin is extremely lifelike thanks to the fact the high quality, medical grade TPE silicone was used for it. The advantage of TPE silicone is that unlike normal silicone, this is a new innovative blend that comes with several advantages. First of all TPE is extremely lifelike when it is touched – unlike regular silicone that feels rubbery and slippery to the touch (and also tends to bleed out oil after prolonged use). Another advantage that TPE has is the fact that it is more stretch resistant than regular silicone – so the body is able to hold any pose humanly possible for a prolonged period of time. All in all, TPE is the perfect material to truly make a doll that can last you for a very long time if you properly take care of it.

We also need to mention the fact that this lifelike male sex doll would not be able to please you in each and every way humanly possible without its fully articulated skeleton. This customizable sex doll comes with an top of the line metal skeleton that is sturdy yet lightweight. The skeleton was constructed with the latest technology so that it offers maximum flexibility – it mimics the human body movements to perfection thanks to this. Hence, the doll is extremely sturdy and can hold any pose that a highly flexible human being for a long time, and this without becoming flimsy after a couple of uses – a thing that is highly common in low end sex dolls.



Full Specs of Clark, the beautiful lifelike sex doll  

Material:             Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic Silicone TPE material

Body structure:  Metal skeleton and joints, can do any poses

Weight:               45 kg / 99 lbs. weight

Height:                 5 ft.  4 in / 165 cm

Penis length:       6.6” (17 cm) or 7.8” (20 cm)

Bust:                     82 cm / 32 in

Waist:                  63 cm / 24 in

Hip:                       93 cm  / 36 in

Anal depth:         17 cm / 6.7”

Mouth depth:     13 cm / 5.1”

Eye color:            Brown, blue, green, or black

Skin color:           Natural, White or Brown skin




Free international Shipping information

We will ship within 1-2 days after payment confirmation standard dolls, customizable dolls – depending on your customization can take 1-2 weeks to be molded. Shipment will be made via FedEx, UPS or DHL at our discretion all around the world except for Islamic Countries, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, India, Indonesia where we cannot ship due to import laws.

Delivery time and package information

Please allow for up to 3-4 weeks for your lifelike male sex doll to arrive since we build your silicone male sex doll from scratch when you place an order with us.

This lifelike male sex doll will come in an unmarked, plain cardboard box wrapped in plastic to ensure that the weather won’t damage the doll. The inside of the package is filled with poly-foam to ensure no damage comes to this full size customizable sex doll.

There will be no markings on the outside of the box except for your address. We value your discretion.

Additional information

Skin Color

Natural Skin, Same as Photo, Tan Skin


Non Standing, Standing

Eye Color

, , , ,

Penis Size

6.6” (17 cm), 7.8” (20 cm)

Free USB Heating

Yes I want it, No I do not want it


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