Arita – Mini Anime Sex Doll 100 CM

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A wonderful looking mini anime sex doll standing at 100 cm (3 foot 3 inches), Arita is your perfect hentai fantasy coming to life. Look at those big innocent eyes, that small mouth that is hungry for your kisses, at those exquisite breasts, and at that delicious looking pussy.

She is perfect for any position you see fit thanks to her fully articulated metal skeleton, and she is very light weight, standing at only 13 kilograms (28 pounds). This means that having sex with her is going to be extremely pleasant, as you can easily maneuver her as you see fit.

Key Features

  • High quality medical grade and hypoallergenicTPE Sex Doll
  • Mini sex doll – only 3foot 3 inches / 100 cm height
  • Lightweight – 13 kilos / 28 pounds
  • Big breasts, innocent face
  • Fully articulated metal skeleton
  • Multiple customization options available – make her your own!


Buy now extras:

  • PayPal Credit financing – you can choose to pay nothing for 6 months!
  • Discreet shipping – doll will arrive in an unmarked package
  • Financing options available (see here)


Arita is a very popular mini anime sex doll as she is beautiful, lightweight, and looks like she came straight from a hentai. She sets hearts on fire and makes fantasies come to life. Her features are perfectly drawn, and her body’s line are simply perfect. Even if she is an anime fantasy doll, that only stands as 3 foot 3 inches / 100 centimeters, she is perfectly proportionate, just like you see in anime and hentai movies. If you want to buy anime sex doll real sensations, she is the best investment you can ever make.

There are a number of realistic anime sex dolls you will find, but what Arita offers is a very supple and flexible body that is very lightweight, so having her in any position you can imagine is extremely easy. She is perfect as her proportions are fine tuned to give you the best feelings, but she will not cost you a lot of money.

Thanks to her lightweight, beautiful looks and low price range, Arita is perfect as your first doll or a second doll, and you can be sure that if you have back problems or don’t want to move around 30+ kilos, she is going to be perfect for all of your needs. What is much is that her quality is extraordinary for the price range she is in!

Build quality of mini anime sex doll Arita

Even if she is not a full size anime sex doll, Arita has a fully articulated metal skeleton that features a new build technology which allows this little anime sex doll hold any pose you can imagine for prolonged periods of time, without becoming flimsy after a couple of uses. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that she has a very good flexibility, so you can easily have her in whatever way humanly possible – and a bit more! And thanks to the hypoallergenic medical grade TPE skin, she is not prone to crack open as TPE offers more flexibility than regular silicone.

Regarding the TPE over silicone question, more specifically, which one is better, here is why TPE is a better solution than silicone. In short, TPE doesn’t leak oil, doesn’t get rigid over time, doesn’t look plastic-like, and TPE is more stretch resistant than regular medical grade silicone. What is also great about TPE is the fact that it feels a lot more like human skin than silicone. So, why are TPE sex dolls cheaper than silicone ones? Because the cost of silicone is greater than the cost of TPE – that is why. However, TPE is easier to cast into any shape of form, and that is why there is such a huge variety of TPE dolls available today.

Financing options – you can afford Arita

We know that the cost of a mini anime sex doll isn’t a penny in bucket. And we know that a sex doll can bring you a lot of joy and give your sex life a new meaning. This is why, we have Paypal Credit as a payment option.

What PayPal credit does is allows you to apply for a credit and be approved instantly. Then you can choose whether you want to pay straight away in as many installments as you want without any interest in the first 6 months, OR pay nothing for 6 months straight – and they pay a small interest.


Shipping and Delivery of your mini anime sex doll

Once we received payment the doll will enter production that very same day. All mini anime sex dolls are customized to your specs. The build process takes about 5 working days, and the shipping time, depends on your location – usually 5-10 working days. However depending on the number of dolls that the factory builds, please allow up to 30 working days until you receive your doll.

Shipping will be handled by FedEX, DHL, UPS or other shipping companies at our discretion. We offer free shipping worldwide except for Islamic countries, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, India, Indonesia, where we cannot offer shipping because of the import laws.

All shipping will be made in the most discreet way possible. The box you will receive your doll in will not have any particular markings on it. Nobody except you will know what is in the box.

Mini Anime Sex Doll Arita Video Presentation


Additional information

Eye Color

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Non Standing, Standing

Skin Color

Black, Brown, Cocoa Skin, Medium Skin, Natural Skin, Same as Photo, Tan Skin, White

USB Heating

Yes, No

2 reviews for Arita – Mini Anime Sex Doll 100 CM

  1. Adam S

    She is absolutely the best mini anime sex doll that I ever purchased! She looks just like in the photos, she is very sweet. Great body articulation too! Feels really good to the touch. A steal at this price! I higly recommend if you want a small sex doll to get this one. She is easy to put in any position and easy to clean and hide away.

  2. Clay

    Great price for the money. I love her! Good fast shipping too. Nothing on the box (my biggest fear) – it said mannequin.

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