Mike – Stunning Male Sex Doll

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Meet Mike, our breath taking and slightly effeminate male sex doll. He is a looker, and he is perfect as either a life size sex doll for women, or as a gay male sex doll. With beautiful soft TPE synthetic skin, he is an Asian fuck doll with slightly European features, which gives it a perfect good look that entices everybody to play with it.

Mike Male Sex Doll key features:

  • 5ft 3in or 160 cm full size male doll
  • 7in / 18 cm long penis, 2in/4.8 cm wide (diameter)
  • Customizable sex doll: pick the eye and skin color and wig style
  • Ready for anal, oral and normal sex
  • 5in/13cm mouth depth, 6 in/16cm anal depth
  • 4 stone/30 kg weight

Free international shipping

Deliver takes up 3-4 weeks (normally  about 2 weeks – depending on the customization options you choose)



If you are looking for a beautiful male sex doll you can customize, then our Mike is your #1 choice. We will say, that he is a slightly feminine man, and he swings both ways – if you want him to. So, no matter if you are looking for a gay male sex doll or a sex doll for women, Mike is the perfect choice.

We have to say that Mike is a full size doll that has a sturdy metal skeleton which gives it the ability to perform in any position imagine (that is humanly possible, as the skeleton follows the same natural movements of the human body).


Full Specs of our male sex doll – Mike

Material:             Medical TPE material

Body structure:  Metal skeleton and joints, can do any poses as request

Weight:               31.5kg

Height:                 160cm

Bust:                     78cm

Waist:                  66cm

Hip:                       80cm

Width:                  40cm

Arm length:         70cm

Leg length:          80cm

Foot length:        21cm

Penis length:       18cm

Penis width:        4.8cm

Anal depth:         16cm

Mouth depth:     13cm

Wig style:            3 styles by random – OR as in the photos

Eye color:            Brown, blue or green

Skin color:           Tanned skin, nature skin, or white skin as images


Free International Shipping

We will ship within 1-2 days of payment confirmation via FedEx, UPS or DHL at our discretion to all around the world except for Islamic Countries, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, India, Indonesia where we cannot ship due to import laws.

Delivery time and packaging information

Please allow for up to 3-4 weeks for your order to arrive since we need to truly customize your own sex doll when place an order with us.

The doll will come in a unmarked, plain cardboard box wrapped in plastic to ensure that the weather won’t damage the doll. The inside of the package is filled with poly-foam to ensure no damage comes to the doll.

There will be no markings on the outside of the box except for your address. We value your discretion.

Additional information

Weight 68 lbs
Dimensions 63.78 × 18.52 × 12.99 in
Skin Color

White, Tanned, Dark, Black


160 cm/5.2 feet

Eye Color

Brown, Blue, Green

3 reviews for Mike – Stunning Male Sex Doll

  1. Nikki

    Like in photos. Good quality and discreet delivery. Thanks!

  2. M

    Beautiful, fine and god-like. He is the boyfriend I never had, and I now cant wait to get home and to bed.

  3. Christina

    I love him!

    The day I got him was the best day of my life. Unpacking made me feel like a child on Christmas day. He came well packed, the box was entirely wrapped in plastic, there was no label hinting that inside there is a sex doll. I really liked that. The inside of the box was filled with those bubbly things, and he was wrapped in a blanket. Be warned, that head comes unscrewed, but it’s easy to put it on.

    I like him, he has a weight to him, but I have to say that I like it. The skin feels really good, sometimes if I close my eyes it’s hard to say that he is not real, and his face, it’s as beautiful as in the photos. He actually looks a bit manlier, as I think that in the photos he was wearing a bit of makeup. One thing that I like is that I got him with deep blue eyes, which make him simply adorable to simply stare at. The wig, I changed for $2 and now he is light blonde. Still extremely beautiful. I love the ways his muscles feel, and I love that he is extremely flexible. He is quite easy to fiddle with after you get used to him. For example, to make him sit, first i pull him to the side of the bed, flat on his back, then I flex his legs up, then I push on them down so he is like an L on the side of the bed and then I flex his knees.

    One thing – the only thing that I could say that I love and hate is the mouth. It feels very good when you kiss him, but I would love to feel a tongue inside. There is none. From what support told me Mike, being a male sex doll for women and men alike, shares the same characteristics as a female sex doll, and the mouth is made for being penetrated much like the vagina or anus. Still that would be the only thing. He is my first sex doll though, so if and when I decide i want another one, I will know what to expect. Either way, I am very happy with him, and I do not regret it. I actually feel more like a woman with him, and to be honest, when my girls saw him, they almost begged me to give it a go, but of course, I said no. So I am very proud of him!

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