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We offer the largest variety of Male Sex Dolls you’ll find in a sex doll store. You’ll find the best prices and you can buy now and pay nothing for 6 months. We partnered with PayPal Credit to help you buy right now the sex dolls that you love without worrying about money. We offer FREE International Shipping for all orders. All the male sex dolls in our store are hypoallergenic, have lightweight titanium alloy metal skeletons and are fully articulated.  If you want a custom male sex doll you’re also in the right place. The male dolls have multiple customization options, so we can create the best male sex doll for you!  

Buy Now and Pay Nothing for 6 Months

To help you buy your dream silicone male sex doll without having to wait to save up money, we partner with PayPal Credit. This makes it easy for you to get the sex doll that you like right now. It’s easy and fast!

Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one in minutes. Then, choose PayPal Credit as a payment option when you checkout and you’ll be redirected to apply for a PayPal credit line. The approval process is only 2-3 minutes long. Once you get approved, you can either pay nothing for 6 months (or pay in monthly installments afterwards with a small interest) OR you can choose to pay in installments right away and pay no interest!

The quality of our male sex dolls

No matter which one of our life size male doll models you choose, you are going to get a high quality product. All the male sex dolls for sale on our store are fully certified as safe for human use, are hypoallergenic and are looking stunning.

The male sex dolls for women and men that you find in this store are made from the best materials, to ensure that they not only look great, but also that they are safe, and will last you for a life time if you take proper care for them.

Materials used to make the more realistic male doll for you

The life like male sex dolls are made from a material that mimics human skin to perfection, TPE silicone. This is a new and improved type of silicone that does not have that rubbery and plastic-like look to it. Asides from the aesthetical difference, TPE is much more stretch resistant than silicone, hence it does not crack as easily, and also, it is not prone to lose its oils and become rigid over time.

There are other advantages to our synthetic male dolls. Thanks the use of TPE silicone we are able to offer you extremely lifelike male dolls that have the mobility of real human male and the flexibility of a gymnast. So you will truly be able to turn your fantasies into a reality by purchasing the male sex dolls you find in our store.

To truly give to our lifelike male sex dolls the sturdiness and quality needed for them to last you for a very long time as long as you take proper care of them, all of the models in our sex doll shop feature fully articulated metal skeletons. These are made from a very sturdy yet lightweight titanium alloy. Hence if you buy a full size male sex doll you will see how easy it is to put the doll into any position you want.

In order to ensure that the male love dolls for women and men that we offer are going to stand the test of time, we made sure that all of our models have their joints reinforced. So, the love dolls are able to hold any pose for prolonged periods of time, without becoming flimsy just after a couple of uses, like it happens with cheap male sex dolls that are knock offs.

A real male doll is anatomically correct

Have a look at the male sex doll penis and you will see that it’s highly realistic. Unlike a dildo that you purchase, the penis of the doll does not only look, but feels extremely real. Looking at the photos you will see that it mimics a real penis to the perfection. This ensures that your satisfaction is guaranteed each and every time.

The models found in our store also have oral and anal sex functions. Hence all models are gay male doll models too. To make sure that during anal sex the doll feels highly realistic, the dolls’ anal cavities have been modeled to be anatomically correct. So unlike a fleshlight – for example – it won’t feel like you are inside a “hole” or a ridged “hole” but in an actual anus. This makes a male sex doll for females and men alike, and more, it makes for a great companion for couples who want to spice up their sex life.

The multiple customization options of our male sex dolls

You will see that you can get a muscular male sex doll, or a slim male doll, as you can get an Asian male sex doll, or even a male anime sex doll. There is a doll for each taste. And all of the male dolls have multiple customization options. The degree of customization depends from model to model, but you can truly make your love doll exactly to your liking.

The customization options offered are:

  • Choose your doll’s eye color
  • Change skin color (from white to natural to tan to brown or black)
  • Choose whether or not the doll has standing ability
  • Various hairstyles and colors
  • Various heights (from short to full size)
  • Multiple penis lengths and girths
  • USB heating
  • Pubic hair

A male sex doll can be the perfect companion especially when you can truly make the doll your own. He will be yours and made specifically for you, just as you like it.  Customizing a doll allows you to have exactly what you want, and how you want it. No compromises!

Should you buy a male sex doll today?

Have a look at the models on our store and you will want to have one for yourself. But should you? This is the question, isn’t it? To answer this question, you need to first know the benefits you will get if you purchase a doll.

First of all, these are male love dolls for women and men too. And it makes sense. If you want to purchase the most realistic male sex doll, you would expect the doll to have the same characteristics as a real male. So, no matter if you are a man or a woman, each and every model you find on this store is going to be able to provide you with exactly what you need. Added advantages for couples too!

There is no difference between male sex dolls for men and the dolls for women. This is because all of our dolls are highly realistic. So if you want to buy male sex dolls today, you should. Pick the model that you like, choose the customization options, and enjoy yourself!

Order and shipping – We guarantee discreetness

All orders will come in unmarked packages – so nobody will know that you ordered a male robot sex doll, not even the delivery company.

Please allow 7-14 days for shipping – all of our male sex dolls are produced to your specs and will be air shipped to your location. We will use FedEX, DHL, or UPS or other shipping companies depending on your location. All dolls come with FREE International shipping. Due to import laws we are unable to ship to the following locations: Islamic Countries, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, India and Indonesia. Male sex dolls under 150cm cannot be shipped to Australia – please contact us and we’ll make the doll you want to be 150cm.

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