Lifelike sex dolls

Looking for Realistic Sex Dolls? We have the most Life Like Sex Dolls for you

There is nothing like a life like sex doll. And we have the best ones for you! The dolls in this collection are highly realistic sex dolls. The dolls here are all high quality, made to resemble and feel like a real person. Their skin feels real to the touch, they are anatomically correct, and are fully articulated. They can do any pose you can imagine, as they have the same flexibility as a human being.

All the realistic sex dolls you find in our store come with Free Shipping.

You can also buy the sex dolls in installments – take advantage of our financing options!

The qualities of the lifelike sex dolls on our store:

          • Hypoallergenic
  • Anatomically correct
  • Fully articulated
  • Odorless, tasteless
  • Most models are highly customizable
  • Various collections: Asian, Anime, European
  • Various body heights: from small to life size sex dolls
  • Various body types: from slim to curvaceous, from small breasts to huge breasts
  • Great Prices – and frequent sales and discounts!


Find the realistic sex doll you always dreamed about right now!

The high quality real life sex dolls found in our store are made from the highest quality materials and using the latest in sex doll manufacturing processes. This ensures that the dolls not only look good, but also feel good, and, they will last you for a very long time if you take proper care.

The materials used in life like sex dolls

All the sex dolls you find in this category are made from the highest quality Silicone or Silicone TPE.  Medical grade Silicone or Silicone TPE is being used. This ensures that the dolls are hypoallergenic, and they feel highly realistic and soft to the touch – both on the inside and outside.

To ensure that the realistic sex dolls have the same flexibility as a human being, titanium alloy is used for their skeletons. This is a very lightweight material, highly durable that allows your sex doll to take on and hold any pose humanly possible for prolonged periods of time. The joints of the dolls are reinforced, ensuring that even after a very long time the dolls won’t become flimsy.

What does anatomically correct realistic sex dolls means?

If you have a look at any of the models you find in this category, you will notice that the breasts and genitals look highly realistic. The thing that you can’t see and can’t know from the photos is that they also feel highly realistic too!

The breasts of the dolls feel very natural, and their nipples and areolas are given extra attention. The nipple itself has the little creases and wrinkles that a real nipple would have. The areolas have the little bumps just like a real excited nipple would cause.

But, the most innovative aspect and the one that gives the realistic sex dolls their exquisite appeal is that the genitals are 100% like real genitals. And this not only on the outside but also on the inside.

Realistic sex doll – realistic vagina

If you have a look at a life like sex doll’s vagina you will notice that it looks real. Having a look at more than one model you quickly see that just like real vaginas, their look is different. Some have bigger lips, some have smaller ones, some has a more prominent clitoris, some don’t. The list can go on and on.

The inside of the vagina of a realistic sex doll is even more extraordinary. The vagina itself is made on the inside just like a real vagina, so when you are inside one of these models it will feel like you are inside a real woman! And the same goes for the anus of these sex dolls.

There is another benefit is that thanks to the materials used to make the skin of the dolls. No matter if the doll you choose is made from pure silicone of silicone TPE blend, the material is highly stretchable and always comes back to its original shape. Hence, you will always feel nice and snug inside the doll, no matter of your length or girth!

How much can I customize the life like sex doll that I want to purchase?

The dolls in this category are highly customizable. Most realistic sex dolls models have the following minimum of customization options:

  • Hair color
  • Hair style
  • Skin color
  • Eye color
  • Standing/non-standing option

Depending on the model that you choose there can be additional customization options like

  • Nipple and areola color
  • Labia color
  • Type of vagina (removable/non removable)
  • Pubic hair style
  • Heating option
  • Speaking option

All customization options you choose can make you get your dream doll. Hence if you like a model but don’t like the hair color or skin color, or hairstyle, changing that will make you a totally different doll that’s closer to your dreams.

The shipping and delivery of your realistic sex doll

All dolls come with FREE WorldWide Shipping. Depending on your location we will use FedEX, DHL, UPS or other shipping companies. All shipping will be priority shipping, by air.

Your life like sex doll will be packed to ensure maximum safety during transport. The doll will arrive in an unmarked box. There will be no label stating that you have a sex doll inside. The label will be mannequin – which is required by Customs.

The doll will arrive at your doorstep. We can also arrange for you to pick up the doll at the nearest shipping warehouse if you so desire. Please let us know and we will take care of this for you.

Please note that while we do offer FREE Shipping Worldwide, there are countries in which import laws do not allow sex dolls. These are the countries where it is impossible to ship: Islamic countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Africa and Mexico. Dolls that are under 150cm cannot be imported to Australia – please let us know if your realistic sex doll shipped is under 150 and you want it shipped to Australia and we will make it 150 cm tall for you.

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