Anime sex dolls

Find here anime sex dolls coming straight from popular anime, hentai and manga series. Multiple customization options available, so you can truly build yourself your very own anime fantasy doll! Models are ranging from small anime sex dolls to full size anime dolls – you can have the doll of your dreams.

FREE International Shipping on ALL Orders.  Great Prices and you can Pay in Installments. All models are hypoallergenic, odorless, and tasteless as they are made from medical grade silicone /silicone TPE.

The collection of anime sex dolls you find in our shop features a large variety of models, to suit any taste and any preference. From mini anime sex dolls to full size anime dolls, the models are customizable to a great extent which makes it easy for you to build your own sex doll exactly how you want it.

The anime dolls for sale also have various body types. From petite to curvaceous, from dolls with large breasts to small breasts you find it all here. Adding to the amazing quality of the sex dolls you find in this category is the fact that they are anatomically correct regardless of their height.

The advantages of an anatomically correct anime sex doll

If you start browsing through our catalog of anime love dolls and have a closer look at their nude photos you will notice that they are highly realistic and a great attention to details is put into making each doll. Even their nipples and areolas have the little creases and bumps that you have on a real breast.

But you would not have a great sexual experience with a hentai anime doll if the doll would not have anatomically correct genitalia too. The genitalia is not only looking highly realistic on the outside, it is also molded based on real vaginas and anal cavities of real women. This is why, having sex with an anime doll feels heavenly. Adding to the fact that the materials used – either silicone or silicone TPE – are highly stretch resistant and they always come back to their original shape and size after stretched, makes sex with a love doll even better. No matter of your length or girth you will always find the sex doll is tight – and all throughout the duration of your love making session.

The metal skeletons of the anime dolls make them great

The anime sexy dolls you find in our store feature articulated metal skeletons. The little anime sex doll models do not have fully articulated palms, but their larger counterparts are fully articulated.  Asides from this difference, all anime dolls share the same incredible flexibility, which allows you to have them into any position you can think of.  The only major difference between a small anime doll and a large anime doll would be that the first is unable to give you a hand job.

Even if you purchase a tiny anime sex doll she will have a reinforced and lightweight titanium alloy metal skeleton. This makes the dolls you find in our catalog less heavy and much more durable – they do not become flimsy over time and after extended use. They are built do last.

Anime sex dolls that look and feel real

The secret to making an anime doll feel and look realistic is using great materials and experienced sculptors. The anime hentai sex doll models you find in our store have just that.  Over 85% of the models you find in our store are made from silicon TPE. This because this material mimics human skin to perfection, has a longer life than regular silicone, it doesn’t have any potential to leak oils, and, it has a better stretch capacity.

However, to ensure that no matter the model of the doll you purchase is safe to use, all the dolls you find in our store are hypoallergenic. Furthermore, they are odorless and tasteless. This is because they are made from high quality medical grade silicone and silicone TPE.

Customize your anime sex doll as you want

You can take any model you see in this store and further customize it, to suit your tastes and needs completely. Perhaps you want different color eyes, or skin, or a wig? You can customize that and more.

Some of the customization options in our anime sex dolls:

  • Various hairstyles and hair colors for each doll
  • Different eye colors
  • Standing /non standing ability (paid option)
  • USB Heating
  • Multiple skin colors – from white to natural to tan to brown
  • Choose the nipple and areola color
  • Choose the vagina/labia color
  • Pubic hair option – up to 5 different styles

The above customization options vary from model to model,  larger sex doll models being more customizable than small sex dolls.

Buy you anime sex doll today – and pay nothing for 6 months

We strongly believe that you should not settle. And you should not refrain yourself from getting the anime sex doll of your dreams.  This is why we partnered with PayPal Credit, and we are able to offer you the option to pay for your sex doll in installments. So you can buy your dream sex doll today, even if you do not have a dime!

It is very easy to pay with PayPal Credit. At the Checkout option, choose PayPal Credit. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can create one – it takes only a couple of minutes – and then apply for  PayPal Credit. You get approved in under 5 minutes.

With PayPal Credit you have the option to either pay in small monthly installments – without any interest OR you can choose to pay later – and pay nothing for up to 6 months – and then pay a small interest. It is hence very easy to buy a sex doll. And most importantly, buy the doll that you want, without having to worry about the money!

We offer discreet and fast shipping FREE WorldWide

SwallowhillDolls offers FREE International shipping on all orders. We ship using DHL, FedEX, UPS or other shipping companies, depending on your location. Shipping will be handled discreetly – there will be no markings on the box stating “sex doll”. We value your privacy.

Shipping takes between 5 and 10 working days depending on your location. We ship all around the world, but, import laws prevent us from shipping sex dolls to the following countries : Islamic Countries, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, India and Indonesia. Anime sex dolls under 150cm cannot be shipped to Australia – please contact us and we’ll make the doll you want to be 150cm.

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