100-138 cm / 3'3"- 4'6" Sex Dolls

Looking for a beautiful mini sex doll? You are in the right place! The mini sex dolls that you will see here are going to blow you away by their beauty, quality, sex appeal, and price!

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Mini Sex Dolls The Best Choice on a Budget?

If you think that a cheap mini sex doll is a great choice due to monetary constraints, you should think again! While a 100cm sex doll is of course cheaper than a full size sex doll, the amount of fun you can have with a small sex doll is ten times bigger than its size.

The advantage of a mini sex doll is of course the fact that it’s small and a lot more lightweight than a full size one. Since all of the sex dolls you will find here have fully articulated metal skeletons that are made from lightweight titanium alloy, you will be able to have them in any position you can imagine, and this without having to strain yourself.

Of course, a cheap mini sex doll is great for your pocket, but simply by looking at the products we have on our  store it is easy to see how sweet and beautiful these dolls are. And it is truly easy to find one that you like since they come in all shapes and sizes.

You can get a 130 tpe sex doll or a 100 love doll, and you still won’t break the bank. No matter of your choice, you will get a high quality, anatomically correct sex doll, that is going to make you feel like you are in heaven!

Mini Sex Dolls Are Anatomically Correct!


No matter the height of the small sex doll, their genitals and mouth are large enough to accommodate you, without having to fear that you will break the doll. What is more is that their vaginas and anal cavities are made based on real life women sexual organs. So, when you are inside a mini love doll it will feel like you are inside a real vagina or a real anus. And this with several advantages!

First of all, thanks to the materials used, the sex doll vagina will always keep its shape, no matter of your girth or length. So, unlike when having sex with a real woman, all throughout the sex act you will feel a nice tightness – as sex dolls will not get “loose” during sex like real women do. Even if you have anal or vaginal sex, you will feel like you are in heaven each and every minute – and each and every time you will have sex with the mini sex doll it will feel great!

Have a look at how a sex doll vagina looks when sectioned in half:

customizable sex dolls vagina

 As you can see both the vagina and anal cavity is anatomically correct, having all the little ridges that a real life vagina and anus has. This is true for all of our sex dolls. The mini love dolls you will see here share the same characteristics.

Mini Sex Dolls Build Quality

Even if you may think that a cheap mini sex doll does not have the same quality as a more expensive and taller sex doll, you are wrong. The dolls you find on our store are all high quality, and asides from the price difference (given by the amount of materials used to create one small doll vs a large doll) the quality is the same.

All of our sex dolls are made from medical grade, hypoallergenic, 100% human safe TPE silicone. This means that the mini sex doll you will order will feel real and it will look real. The great advantage that TPE has over silicone is the fact that it mimics human skin almost to perfection. So when you touch your mini love doll you will feel like you are touching a real person.

At the same time, TPE silicone has more stretch resistance than regular silicone. So,  no matter of your length or girth you will not have to fear that you will damage your tiny love doll. In fact, you could even fist your doll if you’d want to.

Mini sex dolls are highly flexible and durable

Thanks to the fact that these small sex dolls have a fully articulated skeleton, it is easy to place them in each position you can imagine, without having to worry that you will break the joints. They have the same flexibility as a gymnast.

The metal skeleton is made from a lightweight titanium alloy. This is a very light and durable material. So the dolls are sturdy. To add to the quality, these love dolls have their joints reinforced. So they can hold any pose for prolonged periods of time. And they will not become flimsy after a couple of uses.

The only difference in the metal skeleton of mini sex dolls and a large, full size sex doll is the fact that the 100cm sex doll models do not have fully articulated hands, due to their size. Asides from that, you will enjoy the same quality and flexibility you will find in a larger sex doll.

Customization options available too!

Depending on the model that you choose, you can customize your mini love doll to your specs. You can change eye color, change hairstyles, change skin color, change vagina color and nipple color, choose whether or not the doll should have USB heating, and more.

The above options are on selected models, so not all mini sex dolls offer full customization options. However, contact us if you want a modification and we shall try to make your dreams come true.

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