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Is it legal to buy sex Dolls in the United States?

Since the pandemic hit the world, the need for companionship became greater. And so many people are now buying sex dolls. For our US customers, the question is “are these dolls legal to buy”? Well you’ll be happy to know that the answer is a big YES! However, there are exceptions.

In the United States all sex dolls are allowed, except for dolls that are looking like children. So, you can buy an anime sex doll or a mini sex doll, but it should not have childish features.

Why are Pre-Pubescent Dolls Illegal?

While it’s legal to buy a realistic sex doll in the 50 states of the US pre-pubescent dolls are illegal. According to the US laws, these dolls are believed to promote pedophilia. So, you can order and purchase a small sex doll that’s a very realistic sex doll, however, if your doll is having childish features, you are at risk of finding yourself at the other end of the law. Still, unless your doll resembles a child, even mini sex dolls can be purchased!

Sex dolls that are legal to buy – and their popularity

Right now, sex dolls are highly popular, and come with a lot of benefits! No matter if you are single or you want to spice up your sex life, they not only help you satiate your sexual needs, but also improve your love life and give you a sense of companionship.

When sex dolls first were introduced, they were a big taboo. Right now, they are more and more mainstream and accepted. In fact, in a study, US citizens said that they can see the future where you would have robotic sex dolls to cater to your every need. And sex doll with AI are on rise! Read more about it in this article here!

So, what sex dolls can you buy?

There are a large number of realistic sex dolls, anime sex dolls, Asian and Japanese sex dolls, European sex dolls, and the list goes on and on. Have a look at our shop to see the many and beautiful sex dolls!

The most popular ones are mini sex dolls, due to the fact that they have all the features of a full size sex doll but are a lot cheaper. If you want to buy cheap sex dolls, then mini sex dolls are a great option! These dolls have fully articulated bodies, luscious curves and offer the same advantages as a full size doll.

Of course, there are also full size sex dolls, which can be a bit pricier, but, if you take advantage of our sales, you can get them at really good price. In the end, the option is entirely yours and depends on your taste and budget!

SwallowHillDolls make it easy for you to buy any doll with our easy installments plan

Because we do not want you to compromise between what you want and what you can get, we made it possible to buy sex dolls in installments. This means that you can get the doll that you love without having to worry about the cost! Read more about our installments plan here! Want to see the best deals? Have a look at our top 5 cheap sex dolls you can buy right now!




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