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How to choose the best sex doll breast options

There are many types of breast options for sex dolls. You have gel-filled breasts, hollow breasts, solid breasts, so which one should you choose when you pick your doll? What will happen if you don’t pick the one that you really would have wanted?? Let’s speak about such sex doll breast choices.

sex doll breasts differences between solid hollow and gel filled


What are these three sex doll breasts kind?

  • Gel
  • Hollow
  • Solid

Are they appropriate for every single doll?

Apparently, not every single doll is acceptable for those choices. Hollow breasts are soft as they’re filled with the atmosphere, particularly the hollow choice from the bigger breasts makes them easier to control or move during intercourse.

Gel-filled breasts are more lifelike than hollow breasts, but not as thick as their solid counterpart, so it would feel that gel-filled breasts are ideal with your sexual doll. Nevertheless,  the large gel-filled breast will burst when at the airport transport due to the very low pressure in high elevation.

When creating TPE or silicone dolls, then the”soft” substance made of it’s liquid, which can be poured into a mold and cured or hardened. Because of this, if no additional steps are accepted, the breasts will probably be solid and extremely fruit-like hard and firm. Even though this is usually excellent for smaller A B cup types of breasts. Strong breasts are all perfect in shape.


What should you consider before purchasing a sex doll?


Your funding

Largely, the breasts that are solid and hollow breasts come at no extra cost, however, gel-filled breasts will require an excess fee, it’s costlier.

Breasts’ dimensions

As we said, the hollow breasts match the huge breasts doll, solid breasts are for A-B cup, so the gel-filled breasts may match C-E cups. In the event you purchase a doll with huge tits and they are solid, you are at risk of the breast weight tearing the TPE. This is not something you want. So for big breasts, always go for gel-filled (even if it costs more you will enjoy your doll for a longer period of time).

Your wants and desires

In the end you need to buy what you like and want. Consider these tips here, but choose a doll that looks good for you.

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