10 Male Sex Dolls Sex Positions to Try

You wanted to get pleased as never before, so you purchased a male sex doll. And it’s all nice and good but, are you starting to get tired of the same old sex positions? It’s ok, it happens to everybody. And this is why we need to constantly learn something new. So, are you ready for some innovative sex positions for male sex dolls that you might not have considered?  Get a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable, and let us go straight to it! Here are some sex positions for your male sex doll that you might not have tried – or not even known they exist! Don’t worry, we learned some new things as well!

#1 Lotus Flower

lotus flower male sex doll sex position

This is a very intimate position, and, if you never considered it before, you should know that you need a man or male sex doll with a big penis to truly reap its benefits. Hint: Ikari has the biggest penis.

ikari silicon male sex doll penis large
Ikari – a male sex doll with a 8.3 inch penis (21 cm)


So, how to get into this position? With your realistic male doll laying down, lift his torso up to 90 degrees aka make him sit. Then, spread his legs and cross them over. To ensure perfect stability we recommend that you place the doll’s hands straight to the sides and back. Or, better still, if you want the exact same position as in the photo, then you can have your doll rested against a wall or the side of the bed.

#2 Gemini

gemini male sex doll sex position


Here is another great sex positions for male dolls that will give you a unique penetration angle. Make your love doll stay on the bed with his legs outstretched and a little apart and slightly bent at the knees. For maximum pleasure we recommend both arms of the doll to backwards for extra support.Then, get comfortable facing your doll, throwing your legs on his hips and mimicking the love doll’s position. It’s a great one and you can either rest your hands backwards, or put a hand around your doll’s neck, depending on your preferences.


#3 Fusion

male sex doll sex position



This is a position that you might never actually be able to get right with a real man. Thankfully, you have an amazing male doll that has the flexibility of a gymnast! You can think of it as scissoring, but it’s really more than that.

How to get your silicone male sex doll into the position? From a lying position, turn the doll so that it lies on his side.  To do that, raise the sex doll’s right or left arm (depending on the side you want your doll turned) straight to the ceiling. Then bend the doll’s legs from the hips to a 45 degrees angle and bend his knees to a 45 degrees angle as well. Then, simply tip over the doll to the side. Once your male love doll is on the side, spread his legs apart. Once that is done, you can get yourself into the position easily and enjoy the shallow penetration of this position


#4 Concubine

sex position for male sex doll concubine


Ladies, be warned: this is a position that is very stimulating. Women reported that this position stimulates both their g-spot and p-spot depending on the shape of their partner’s feeling.

To get your male synthetic doll into this position, start from a standing position. Make the doll sit – like on a chair, and then moving the doll forward bend the doll’s knees so that he gets into the position in the photo. You can either have the doll rest against a wall or the side of the bed, or have the doll bent a little forward and resting on one of his hands – depends on your preferences. The easiest way for a woman to get into this position is to start in a regular doggy style position. Then you will want to lay yourself down on your belly supporting yourself in your hands, so that you can start wrapping your legs against the sides of your male sex doll.

This is not an easy position but it offers you some uncanny feelings, so, if you feel flexible and courageous, you need to try it!


#5 Aries

While the previous position took quite a bit, this is a male sex doll sex position that it’s easy, being a variation of the reverse cow girl. But, the position offers a different angle of penetration that you will find extremely rewarding. It is not a deep penetration, it is rather middle, which, by itself, reaps some pleasant feelings.

How to get your male doll into this position? It’s simple. Start with the sex doll lying on the bed. To make things easy on your back, instead of trying to lift the doll from his shoulders you need to do this the following. Lift the doll’s legs one at a time. So the male sex doll’s feet will reach for the ceiling. Then from the side – either one, does not matter – while pushing down on his legs lift the doll from his back.  Once in that position, simply extend an arm backwards for additional support.  To get yourself into the position, start in a reverse cowgirl position, then bring your legs backwards and support yourself in your hands.

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#6 Iron


This is a male sex doll position that can be used right after the previous one. All you need to do, is to spread the doll’s legs, bend his knees, slightly and you’re done.  This is a great position for a shallow penetration but also for anal sex. Some women say that it touches on their G-spot as well. Make sure that you have your legs bent and your chest presses on them while using your hands for support.


#7 Bent Cowgirl


This again is an easy position. While you can do it with your male real doll lying on his back, it’s recommended to have your doll stay like in the photo above. What is great about this position is that you have full penetration control. Start from a regular cowgirl position, and as you support yourself in your hands, extend your legs backwards. You will feel how the male sex doll penis moves into a more natural position and you will be able rock yourself back and forward through your knees and arms movement.


#8 Pokemon


This is a great position, especially if you purchased an anime male sex doll. It is great if you have an exercise ball, but if you do not you can use an ottoman as well. In fact, it’s recommended as your male sex toy doesn’t have innate stability control so it’s best to protect him as much as possible.

To get your sex doll into this position, the easiest way – with an ottoman – is to start with the doll in a standing up position. Make the doll sit on the ottoman and then simply lay him down straight, and then extend his arms for added support.

If you try this position with an exercise ball, then you need to position the male doll fully before you add the ball. To do this start with the doll laying down. Lift his legs up to a 90 degree angle. Then move the doll to the side. From this position, extend his arms straight back. Bend his knees. Move in front of the doll and lift the doll up to make the doll get into the position. Then place the exercise ball under his back.


#9 Nice Talk


How about you’re having a pleasant night watching a movie with your full size male sex doll and you suddenly look at him and get the urge right there on the spot. Nothing easier! If you already have your sex doll sitting on the armchair, all you need to do is to move him to the side, putting one of his legs up the arm rest and make him lean on his back. Have a sit just like in the photo – or any other variation if you want – and have the time of your life with him.

#10 Vulgar chair

And since we just finished having the doll on an armchair, why not use the male doll as a chair? This is a variation of the cowgirl position, but with the added bonus of using your male sex doll in a way you never thought of before, and getting some great p-spot stimulation!

This would be a hard position with a human male, but your synthetic male lover won’t have any problems with it. All you need to do to get him ready is to start with him lying on his back.  Once that is done, flex his legs from the hips to the maximum and bend his knees forward. Make sure that the legs are slightly opened so that his penis isn’t trapped in between them. Once that is done, all that you need to do is to sit on your “chair” and enjoy riding your doll!


What’s your favorite sex position with your male sex doll?

We have to say that these are only a few of the sex positions for male sex dolls that you can try. There are a lot more. You can actually find all sex positions for both men and women on If you want to see more, go for “woman active” filter and you will get a lot of sex positions that you might not have known and you will want to try.

Remember, you will find on SwallowhillDolls the largest variety of male sex dolls. Have a look at these beautiful male sex dolls.


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